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Update #2 on kittens

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Well, they've gotten to 'that age'... where they sit with their fluffiness and stare at you with those saucer-sized eyes or run and chase after you on wobbly legs. In other news- I fed one toooo much enulose today and it had diarrhea. Not pure wateriness, but pudding like with some chunks. The other one's pooping well. Piper has a problem with gulping down the milk and I end up getting some in her nose, so she sneezes a lot. It's helped with a smaller nipple. They love my Golden, Jenny too
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"That age" is a great one! Enjoy it, it's a very special time.

I'm sure you know, but careful with the diarehea, don't want dehydrated kitties!

Glad you found a nipple that works better.

Do we have new pics anywhere? (hint hint!)
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Originally Posted by BelongsToEvie View Post

Do we have new pics anywhere? (hint hint!)
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Oh, goodness.. i wasn't gonna, but. I posted some of these pics in other pets:

I'll be careful with the diarrhea. It might also be the tapeworms - i wasn't too worried, as they've been drinking at least 4-8 tablespoons of KMR a day and I gave them a half millimeter of enulose, which is a lot. Cleared them both up, at least. Took down a twenty dollar container of KMR in a week...
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Shameless bump
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Yay for pictures!! Even if I died from cuteness, they are WORTH IT!

What a sweet heart your dog is, and the kits aren't scared at all! I keep thinking of letting the X-Pack mingle with my dog Peach, but I'm worried that they don't have their shots yet and Peach does, but she is always going for walks and who knows what she may be carrying...

They look like they are doing well! How's the diarrhea (I can never spell that word...) and the tapeworms? Glad to hear they are eating well!
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None have pooped yet today but I just fed them the 2nd time so I will try in a bit. I didn't feed them any enulose today so I'd be getting worried if they had diarrhea. The tapeworms, are tapeworms. It causes the black one who seems to be primarily infected to eat about 2 tablespoons each serving I guess you can see where forty dollars of KMR went. They're kind of freaked out by the thunder here. It's been very loud. Piper's mouth is getting pinker, now, it's not red but naturally me I get freaked out when an anemic kitten starts to heal...
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Can you give a kitten that young meds for tapeworm? How did you figure it out?

Oh they are some little buttons of cuteness.
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