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Kitten only 36 hrs old and has one eye open?

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Ok, one of my new babies has one eye open....there is no discharge, no rednesss and a normal looking eye am I to be freaking out???

Also, Lily (mom) has been sloughing off a little blood down there....kinda like spotting...she's not gushing or anything, but it is red. Is this normal???? I am trying to keep in mind she had 8 babies in there and she may have a small tear? If she is like this tomorrow I will call the vet.

I've had the worst day today. I took my boy Ferd to the vet today for his limping he's had for a month....turns out he has vacular necrosis and his hip joint was pretty much rotted away We decided that instead of amputation and no guarantees there are no other tumors or clots or in the future, we put him down. I've cried all day
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for your sad day...
about mama cat - never had a pregnant one. but if it's just spotting, i'd think it could wait until tomorrow, myself.
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Glad i'm not the only one this happened to. lol In Olive's litter there was one baby who opened one of his at less than 24 hours old. Then on the second day one more had 2 eyes open and all 5 had their eyes open by the time they were 5 days old. They were so funny. These babies were huge too and they all grew up to be very healthy. Two of them had an eye infection though when they were a week old so watch out for any puss or redness. Oh and Olive had spotting for several days. It is normal especially for larger litters.
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I knew it! Lindsay, you were the one with the same thing! I knew I had read it here not too long ago and I told hubby about it today, but I couldn't remember who it was....anyways, thank goodness yours were ok. Now, these babies aren't especially big, I think they are about normal size. The pure black one is now named "Runty" as he was the runt and it is smaller but not by a whole lot..just noticeable.

I bought a digital kitchen scale today so when I am rested and not so weepy over Ferd, I will weigh each of them and document it daily.

Thanks again Lindsay for chiming in...I need some I said, it's been such a bad day because of my Ferd.
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I'm so sorry about Ferd! Yeah my kittens freaked me out and nobody had ever seen anything like that before so I didn't know what to think. lol I'm glad I could help.
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Sorry about Ferd. I know it was a hard decision but a necessary one.

As far as spotting I had heard this was possible. I would call the vet instead of going in right away to see if it is worth a trip. If it increases then I would be alarmed but maybe this is just the norm. Call in the morning and keep us posted.
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The spotting is perfectly normal.

Large amounts of blood would not be normal, as would any puss or foul smelling discharge.

She should stop spotting in a day or so.

The kitten with the open eye is unusual but not unheard of. Among breed cats, there is a big difference in when the kittens eyes open between the various breeds. Bengal eyes open at 7 to 10 days, and even then some are earlier or later.
In the case of your DSH's, anything goes. I wouldn't be concerned so long as the eye itself appears normal and healthy and the kitten reacts to close the eyelid if an object approaches the eye.
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I am sooo sorry about Fred
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I am so sorry about Ferd. I am glad the kittens are all ok and you have them to ease your loss. They are adorable.
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Thanks everyone for your well wishes and condolences. I do feel better today after I slept well last night.

The babies woke me up this morning crying so I visited with them and Lily. I am on my way up to weigh them, but need to find some colored markers to mark the siamese's nails...they are all identical LOL Just going to do one nail on the hind foot.

Tried to get a pic of the one with the eye open, but it turned out blurry. Will try again later.
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Ok, now 3 babies have either one or both eyes half open, which I think is the oddest thing. I weighed them all today and the runt weighed 3 ounces and the largest was 4.2 ounces. They are like 60 hours old now. "Runty" is fiesty now though, and has been a piggy eater and protecting his/her boobie LOL. The eyes are blue and no discharge or swelling. They are so sweet, I'm like a new grandma bragging about the grandkids....I love being a part of this and I get to watch them grow up and go to loving homes.

I will post pics as soon as I find my hubby's camera we use for diving...much clearer than my old one and easier than his other massive camera. More pics to come
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Same as my babies. lol Three babies had their eyes completely open/half open before they were 3 days old. I can't wait to see the pics!
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Babies are now 3 days old and getting cuter by the minute LOL Ok, here's a couple pics of the ones with eyes open, one is super cute, the other is really blurry. There are now 2 others that have their eyes open slightly as well, but they were nursing when I was just up there.

I can get them purring now by rubbing their tummies...they're so cute. I have tried to determine sexes but I haven't written it down yet. There are more boys than girls I think.

Oh yeah and my camera STILL has the wrong year on it LOL.

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aww look at those little eyes! There is nothing cuter than a 1-3 day old kitten with it's eyes open.
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Well, they are cute as buttons these ones. The largest one of the bunch hasn't got its eyes open yet, but "Runty" has a slit started LOL. These guys are going to be so fun in a week from now. I am so fortunate that we have the spare room I get to stay in with them at night, and mom gets her privacy from the other cats. I love them to pieces already. My daughter has them all named, but she's had to change a few because they turned out to be boys LOL. She's in the room with them quite a bit, but she's doing so great with them, holding them properly and helping them find nipples when needed.

The new house is wonderful, so much more room for the cats to run around. My other place was nice but not big enough for all of our animals LOL oh and kids too LOL
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omg...they are sooooooooooo cute!!!!! Lookin at thoes cute little faces and eyes is makin my waiting even harder!!


Congrats again!
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thanks katch, yes they are dolls, and getting bigger by the minute LOL. Poor Lily is gonna need help feeding them soon, just because I'm sure she can only make so much milk at a time LOL
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I love the one staring out so full of life.
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That one is my fav also. I just rub his tummy and he purrs so contently. I just love the fact that he is so responsive to my touch. My little runty is the same way...purrs when I rub his tummy and ribs...they are too precious. I have to clear my memory card before I take more...gonna put my 1 Week Pictures up today for all to see.
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one of my friend's cats just had its first litter (about 2-3 weeks ago) and last time i saw her, she said the kittens still hadnt opened their eyes. it was a large litter, 8 i believe, 2 died, and one has deformed back legs. (her kids are going to build it a wheelchair if it makes it lol)

her cat saw the vet right before she delivered and got a shot but i dont know what kind.

has anyone ever heard of this? yall talking about eyes being open made me think of it. they are nursing and everything else...just closed eyes.
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I haven't heard of kttens waiting longer than 14 days to open their eyes. However, nothing is unthinkable. I also heard on here that longer haired cats take longer for eyes to open.
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i dont know if theyre long or shorthaired. i saw my friend today and forgot to ask about her kitties. i know she said last weekend the mama cat had moved them and scred her half todeath b/c she couldnt find them. she'd managed to unzip a backpack under a bed and put them all under there LOL and then she moved them again to somewhere less inconspicuous. the mama lets shelly (my friend) and her daughter (who's 18) handle the kittens, etc but they just havent opened their eyes.

i just wondered if maybe they would have to be surgically opened or something. it WAS a large litter (nine or 10, i believe) for a tiny cat and her 1st so i thought maybe that has something to do with it.
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