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hurt cat / broken bones??

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Hello !

one of "my strays" was in trouble, he was spotted when he mcould not walk correctly, his back legs were too weak, looked like a fracture
I catched him and took him to the vet and we have such bad luck that his x-ray is not working (since one month ago,,, and he is still searching for a new one - dont ask, rural area with priority to stock animals)
so this poor cat is now in a cage so he will not move that much but we cannot determine where the fracture is, the vet touch his left leg and left side of pelvis and he meowed in pain. so in general the vet does not know more than I

as this is an island going somewhere else is almost impossible, I work in summers only and is the peack season now.

He had diahrrea / soft poops, so at least he is not getting constipated, he also peed (he cannot make it to his box so he does it in between the box and the cage.

If someone have any suggestions beside not letting him move a lot it would be great.
I feel so sorry I cannot help him more...
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If he will let you, take a pillow case and use it like a sling under his belly to support his pelvis. This will help him walk and keep his digestive tract moving. Sounds like he might have fractured or bruised his pelvic box. Happens alot and if it is bruised it will heal eventually, if fractured it will heal but can have some complications just like a bone healing poorly in a human. Give him a cushy place to sleep and maybe use a lower sided litter box. A soda/beer case box can be cut down for this. Make sure he is kept clean so any urine or feces doesn't cause problems on his skin and watch for rub spots on his fur. Make sure he switches sides when sleeping if he will let you so he doesn't get sores from only laying on one side and talk to your vet about anti-inflamatory drugs to help with pain and swelling. Hopefully he will recover, cats can do well after this injury, but it is not a quick process.
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Hello ! Thank you for your advice !

He does changes sides in his box, he does poops and pees but aparently does not make it to the litter box, so everytime i come home is a mess, I gave him a poop hardner twice so this morning his poop was just soft, not diahrrea, so is not so bad. the problem is because of the mess he makes and i have to wash it all, he does not let me was his buttom or feet so much, but he does let me do it in his tail, i do it with a wamp cloth.

Beside that he is a lovely cat urging for love and he does eat and drinks.

I've managed to find someone to transport him on monday to a Santorini Island, 3 hr ferry from here, to take an x-ray hoping he wont need surgery.... vet practice is soooo poor here !

So we hope till then he'll be stable... and he needs to get well because I already found someone to adopt him ! He is going to go to Italy with an Italian couple that are comming for holidays next month, so he HAS to be ok by then !
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Oh sweet. He has a home lined up.
Keeping him stable until the Xray is most important. If you can put him in the box sometimes because he is most likely holding it until the last minute to avoid the pain.
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So today was a horrible day, on one hand this little cat is not suffering any more, on the other what if... but then who would pay to see "if" he gets better and no complications arise, who would care for him during/post operation
They took the x-rays and the pelvis was completely fractured, pushing the intestines, so that's why he had the constant diahrea, the vet suggested to put him to sleep was the best for a cat that has been suffering for one week already with so much pain, she said that the cat would get operated, only in Athens (main city, far far from here) that is a difficult and expensive operation with pins and braces and then there was probably the infection for the bones pushing the intestines (he had a little blood on his diahrrea as well yesterday)
I do not know really if this was the right desicion, my head says yes but my heart says no, specially because I was not there to say goodbye.

so, RIP poor cat, now you do not have to fight for food, you will not be cold in the winter time, unfortunately you did not manage to get to your new home in Italy but I am think you understood we did our best.
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If you haven't already, you should visit the "Crossing the Bridge" section of the forum here.

It's amazing how these little animals can burrow into your heart. And it's even more amazing the hole they leave in your heart when they are gone.
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I am so sorry for your little one's passing. Just know his last days were probably the most loved in his life.
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You did your best. Poor little thing was too injured and sick. RIP.
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