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My cat is pregnant HELP!!!

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Yes, MY cat JellyRolls is pregnant, and im sure of it because she has been getting bigger, eating alot, more loveable and been sleeping alot... on April 29 she was outside with a boy cat, so thats the day they mated, and shes 2 months pregnant but she is not very big, and is that a bad thing? of her not being very big? and this is her first litter...

heres a pic of her but its a little bit of bad quality

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I would take her to a vet, if she got out on the 29th then 9 weeks would be up yesterday. If you are saying she is not that big, is it possible that she may not after all be pregnant. Or did she get out again after the 29th?

I just found a stray kitten 3 weeks ago, and when I picked her up she was big in her tummy area, leaving me to assume that she was pregnant. We watched her get bigger and just yesterday she gave birth.

If you lightly put your hand on her belly you will feel them move. Have you done that? What do her nipples look like?

If you are sure she only got out on the 29th and mated and has not given birth, there maybe complications and you may need to get her to the vet.

I did a lot of reading on cat pregnancy's because the baby we have is a kitten herself, so don't be surprised if she may give birth to a still born etc with it being her first litter. Also she may not be so big because she only has one or two kittens in her. My kitten had 5. One thing I read is the cats release an egg each time they mate, they could actually get pregnant from several different cats. So it may just be if she only was with that one Tom that she may only have a few...but again she should give birth any day then and if not you want to get her into a vet to be checked. Also you may want to set up a nesting box for her, with some old towels to be ready...then have some nice blankets ready for when she is done.

Hope that helps some...I know I was a nervous nelly with the stray we picked first litter so I am still learning as well.

Let us know how it goes.
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I have your Cat due today. My Meeko never showed when she was Preg except her Nipples were red. Coco was huge and you could see her being kicked from across the room. Give your Cat 2 more days to have them then call the vet if she dosent have any. Coco had 5 but the last 2 were dead male calicos. One was deformed. Good Luck
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