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HELP PLEASE cat stopped eating and drinking, please respond

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My 4-year-old black male, ShakerToy, stopped eating and drinking 3 days ago.He usually very active - he just lies around now and sleeps. I've tried every food possible - he iwll take one bit, then turn away.

I took him to the vet, who did X-rays, complete bloodwork, an exam. She found nothing, said he might have pulled muscle in his back (it was tender) and gave me pain meds. Well, he cannot take these without food, and he won't eat, called the vet and she said don't give them without food.

He had IV fluids and B12, perked up for a few hours afterwards then lapsed right back into lying and sleeping. He is snuggling up to me all the time, wanting to be held.

This is a complete change in activity and personality and eating habits - he usually is a big, big eater.

Anyone have an idea what might be wrong? I called vet after hours and left a message, will call them first thing tomorrow.

Thanks ever so much. I am in tears over this.

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Find a new vet, call them now. Second opinions often find things the first missed & can be a lifesaver.
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ohhhhhh my I am so so so sorry!! I know how scary this is!!
Kismet stopped eating for a couple days, which led to liver failure. Please keep an eye on the skin by his ears, if it starts going yellow his liver is quite comprimised.

Cats can stop eating for TONS of reasons. If you go back to the vets have a blood panel done, it'll give you a better idea. However, not eating in any size cat can quickly lead to hepatic lipidosis, this can be prevented by ensuring your cat is getting food.......

Please try to force feed your cat. this is a VERY hard thing to do, especially emotionally.

Go to the drug store and get a syringe, hills a/d is the easiest food to syringe feed, however you can do it with any wet food (mixed with water) or baby food. Place the syringe in the cats mouth gently from the side, and try to be as gentle as possible, 1 mL max, at a time.

Fluids will help also. Maybe the vet can show you how to give your baby subQ fluids at home, if he isn't eating and drinking for whatever reason, this will help immensly..... although the syringe feeding should get food and fluids into him.

I am so sorry, and am thinking about you. Please keep us updated

I really can't stress how important it is too get foods into him...... monitor skin and eye colour.
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I would call another Vet now.
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Since your cat isn't in liver failure yet (from blood panel you had.....and i'm assuming skin is white) also since he is still interested in food you might want to ask the vet for appetite stimulants, they generally don't work if the cat won't eat period or is VERY ill, but since your cat still will take a bite or two it's worth a shot....something like diazepam
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Thank you, thank you.

The vet I have is the best around - it's a small town, and has always been great. There's also quite a staff, who consult.
I did water down some Fancy Feast and got 1 ml down him. He's too lethargic to even protest. HOw often should I try to feed him this amount?

Thanks again. It is just hell with a sick animal, as you know all too well, I imagine.

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as often as possible. How big is your cat? Kismet is 11 pounds, during her sickness she was down to 5 pounds. It is reccomended you get as much as they normally eat into them so they don't lose weight, but this is very difficult. Just take is slow and do about 1mL/minute maximum., If you can get a whole can in that would be great, but every little bit helps, it may cause him to vomit, but even if food is in their stomach for 15 minutes they get nutrients so don't despair.,
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see if some meat baby food might tempt him - 4/5 cats here think it's fabu! it's also fairly easy to thin down for syringing.
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He is a 15.5 guy, all muscle. I've gotten 6 ml down him now, so will just continue to feed him every 15-20 minutes.

I appreciate all your answers so very much. Thank you.
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6 mL -- You're doing awesome. Keep it up. Make sure you get some sleep tonight though! And keep us updated (I also reccomend the baby food, Cello also went through a really rough patch and the baby food got him eating, as a trick I smeared it on his foot and he would lick it off himself.....worth a shot)
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I second trying an appetite stimulant from your vet. They really do work wonders on a cat not eating. Keep up with the syringe feeding until u know what the problem is or is resolved.
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I hope everything is getting better
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Keep on with the syringe feeding, I know it's a messy-time consuming job, but it's what your baby needs. Like the others said, get some meat baby food (my babies give the chicken flavor two thumbs, er... paws up!) BUT read the ingredients and make sure there is no ONION or GARLIC in it. You may also want to try getting some KMR in him (probably by syringe).

I know he's not a kitten, but it is FULL of vitamins, and it would be a temprary thing, he also may just LOVE the taste, but really, the vitamins in it perk them up and help stimulate their appitite. I will keep you both in my prayers.
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Here is a site with extra information.

That site also sponsors an online group where people like you can get practical help from others who are more experienced with assist-feeding.

Main message: just hang in - he will eventually resume feeding himself!
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just wondering if there is an update?
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When I've had very sick cats and they would eat nothing else, Gerber Lamb baby food has worked, also chicken and turkey, but lamb has always been at the top of their list. Sending good your way. It's not fun trying to force food into a cat with a syringe, but sometimes it's the only way to keep them going.
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How is he doing??

You might also try really smelly human tuna, or sprinkle cheese or catnip on the wet food.
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Hello, all you good people who answered my post.

ShakerToy didn't eat anything yesterday or today, so I took him in again on emergency this afternoon.

The vet looked down his throat, and there in the back was an ugly sore filled with pus. She took him in back and found a swelling (abcess) the size of a baseball on his neck. He had almost 104 fever.

She gave him fluids and a strong antibiotic and pain reliever injection, then went in and lanced the abcess. She tried to get it from the outside, but had to go into the back of his throat. She said the pus just spurted out.

When he came back into the room, she offered him some baby food.
HE ATE THE WHOLE THING!!!!! - this, after not eating for several days!

He hadn's been eating because of the abcess. I was just amazed at how quickly he atel, and (of course), I burst into tears.

She sent him home with some syringes of pain reliever for a few days, and I am to apply hot compresses to the swelling on his neck and cheek.

Well, when he got home he ate two more jars of baby food, cleaned himself up and went to sleep on a thick quilt I put down for him. Now he is awak again and cleaning up again.

A different cat, all in this little time of an hour!

This was my Fourth of July and birthday and Christmas present all in one!

Thanks again so much for the support! It kept me going last night, believe me.

The vet had seen him yesterday, and the swelling wasn't there, so it was coming to a head, as was the fever, today.

Happy Fourth to everyone. I hope all goes well with your furries and yourselves. I'll be participating in this forum from now on.

Best to all,

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oh, that poor baby! for the vet! happy dance that things are better!!!
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so glad things worked out
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Yay! I'm so glad you found the cause, and it was easily treated! I know that exact feeling- when I got Albus, he was going through HL and I force fed him with a syringe for about 9 or 10 weeks. That day he started eating by himself, and kept doing it was just the best!
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I am so happy that your precious baby is better! Very good news!
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What good news! Glad your kitty is feeling better!
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Sub Q fluids are very important as dehydration can cause lack of appetite. I also suggest appetite stimulants but I use Cyproheptadine ( an antihistamine)
because there are less side effects. Syringe feeding if necessary, I use AD with a little water and use a 6cc syringe that you should be able to get at the vets. You need to get close to the normal amount of food as you can in them. The longer a cat goes without eating the less they want to eat. Could kitty be nauseated? I had a cat that I had to do this with for 8mos. Baby food is good but be careful that is does not have onion powder as cats can't have that. Dehydration and fever will cause lack of appetite, lethargy and make kitty miserable. If you can't do sub Qs at home your vet can do it, it may take a few days, adding water to food helps maintain fluid level. I could never do the sub Qs I was to big a scardy cat! Good luck and if things don't change quickly I second the opinion of finding a new vet.
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I didn't see the posts that you found the problem, good for you, happy 4th.
I hope things keep getting better for you and kitty.
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Love to read a happy ending. Yay for you and your kitty.
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I am wondering why the vet did not send you home with IV fluids to give him under his skin, not in his vain. I did the fluids with my cat when she was not taking enough fluids on her own. I just poked the needle under the loose skin on her back allowed the amount the Dr. told me to go under the skin, she had this funny looking blader on her back, and in about 1 hour it was gone. We did this once a day for about 3 months.

I have also given my kitten, childrens electrolite water with a droper in the mouth. I do this when they have had a bout of throwing up. It is not fun, but it works.

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Yeahhhhhhhhhh. Now that posted my reply...LOL
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you did so well!! I'm happy that they figured it out and your boy is happy and eating
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