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Angel Kitty

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My roomate and I have often mused about the fact that whenever one of our cats goes to the bridge, another one mysteriously enters our life.

Trixie was a kitty who had no one to love.
She wandered through her lonely life `til a voice came from above.

It told her of a happy place where she would be the queen.
It guided her and led her there... she waited to be seen.

Then one day it happened, Betty rose from bed,
And saw the snow white kitty with flea bites on her head.

She fed her and she loved her and invited her inside.
Trixie purred contented and thanked her heavenly guide.

Trixie lived for many years contented and serene,
A life of health and happiness, a fluffy pure white queen.

As mornings turn to sunsets, and springtime turns to fall,
Trixies bright eyes lost their sparkle, and soon she heard the call.

Lost in Bettys loving arms, soft and gentle death,
Hearing tender loving words, breathing her last breath.

Now she lives at Rainbow Bridge where she can jump and run.
Frolicking from morn `til night and basking in the sun.

Our little Angel Kitty, looks at us from above.
She sheds a tiny angel tear, she knows we miss her love.

She knows there is an empty space that only she can fill,
But a brand new DIFFERENT kitty would surely fit the bill.

Little Ferris Kitty needs a loving heart.
Little "Yenta" Trixie knows just where to start.

Ferris was a kitty who had no one to love.
He wandered through his lonely life `til a voice came from above.

It told him of a happy place where he would be the king.
It guided him and led him there....he now has everything.

I would like to dedicate this poem in loving memory of Trixie
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that was beautiful!
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I love your poem. I believe in furry guardian angels too.
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Thank you for your kind responses, Airprincess and Alexnell. I want you to know that Trixie has been very busy. On Monday she directed another kitten...3 or 4 week old Rocky to us. I told her it was too soon...but I guess we are officially up to 7 cats, now.
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That's a lovely poem! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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absolutely beautiful, gorgeous poem, thanks for sharing with us Tiggeytoes !

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Tiggeytoes: You made me smile; you made me laugh; you made me cry, but; you gave me HOPE!!!!!

Are you sure you were NOT a "cat" in another life ?????? :angel2:

(Thank You)

TLK and her 6 =^.".^='s
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OK, I teared on this one. That is so sad and beautiful! What a nice tribute!
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Thank you for your responses,Mr.Cat,Blue,Threeleggedkat and Meowman. This poem was written when I was trying to make closure after Trixies death. Threeleggedkat, I don`t know if I was a cat in my past life, but maybe if I am very good in this one, I will come back as a cat in my next!:angel2:
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That was a beautiful poem that brought tears to my eyes! Thank you! I miss seeing you, hope you are well and having a great summer up at the campsite. 7 must be a lucky number because that's how many cats I have.

I hope you plan on coming to our cat show in August at the Elks Club in Middletown. We'd love to see you!

By the way, Marvin and Wendy got homes (the cats at the Southington Cat show) and are doing great.

Hope to see you soon! Take care of yourself.



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Hello, Donna...Thank you for your response. I really miss my time on the computer,especially at the cat site. I sneek home every once in a while 6to get a small dose, but look forward to that in the fall. That is the one thing I do loojk forward to when camp season ends. Yes, Bette and I are planning to go to the cat show in August and are looking forward to it. We also would like to volunteer for just about anything we can do at any time that we are available for Helping Paws. Sue
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Hello...I am new to the Cat Site forum so excuse me if I make mistakes. I just wanted to comment on the BEAUTIFUL "Angel Cat" poem!
It brought tears to my eyes as I do know how it feels to lose one so very special!! Your poem is such a nice tribute to your kitty!
P.S. I'd like to say "HELLO" to you, and all the other cat lovers who visit here!! Remember.."Real Men ADMIT They Love Cats"!
Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful poem!
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Dear Dcatlady2006; Welcome to our "Family of Feline Fanciers"
:pinky: :pinky:

Please go to The Cat Lounge and Post a thread of Hello; so we can welcome you "whole-heartedly"!!! We LOVE to hear all about new members and their "fur babies"

How many cats allow you to live with them??? Post pictures if you can. Looking forward to hearing from you often. . . . .

TLKand her 6 =^.".^='s
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Hi there...just wanted to say that I took really liked your poem. Cats are so special aren't they? Kitty heaven must be grand!!!
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I'll let Rene know that you'd like to volunteer. We'd love to have you and can ALWAYS use your help. Hope everything is well at the campsite. Say hi to Bette for me.


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In loving memory of little Blue kitty b. 4/97; d. 8/12/00. Now there is Buh Buh!!!!! And of course, Axl b.4/92, Lars b.6/4/94, Shelly b.
11/3/94. Buh Buh? b. 8/00. Thank you so much for a eternal, happy ending. I still miss Blue terribly.
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Wow, that was such a beautiful story and oh so true. Many kitties came into our lifes like that, and there's gonna be very empty when they are not here anymore.

Purrs from Cindy cat and her mom, Helle
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Hello, little one! It's wonderful to see you here! Please tell your mom (whom I know) we at The Cat Site would love both of you to make yourselves at home and honor us with your collective wisdom about cats.


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This poem is dedicated in memory of Trixie.
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