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She's Giving Birth!!!!!!!

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I just went to check on my sugar glider, Silvara, becuase I thought she might be preggers(I caught them mating about 2 weeks ago) and she was due to give birth sometime within the next 24 hours, so I've been checking in on her every few hours.

Well, I just checked and she was giving birth!!! As I type the joey(s) is on it's way to her pouch and looks like a little pink booger, lol. It's the cutest pink booger I've ever seen though!

I'll let ya'll know later whether there are one or 2. I'd take pics of the birth, but this is her first time and I don't want to disturb her.
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Oh how exciting! That is so neat that you actually got to see her giving birth!
Can't wait to hear if there are two!
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And I can't wait to see the piccies of the pink boogers!!
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I can't take any pics of them cause they're inside her pouch, but I'll take pics of the lump(s) as it grows, lol. I should be able to see little body parts(feet, tails, etc...) in about 8 weeks cause they'll stick out of the pouch a bit, lol.
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aww If they're anything like their mommy they're gonna be cute little pink boogers!
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Aww! I dont think I can wait 8wks!!!! congrats!

So does this mean theres 2 babies or just 1?
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I'm not sure how many babies there are. 1 for sure. I'll be able to feel her pouch in about a week and try and see if there are 2. I wanna give the baby(s) time to grow a wee. She can hide them for the first few weeks though, so even if I only feel one, there might be another one tucked away, lol.
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YAY for Pink boogers
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UPDATE: I checked Silvara and there is 1 baby for sure! There might be a 2nd one, but I don't think so.

I'm so excited!!! Just 55 more days to go! lol
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Silvara definately had TWO babies in her pouch!

They'll be 3 weeks IP(in-pouch) on Wednesday. That means there are just 6 weeks to go!

Here's a pic of Silvara the other day:

Those 2 "lumps" on her lower tummy are the babies. Okay, well, it's 75% her fat, but 25% of those lumps are the babies!
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eek! Lol I can't wait to see them!!

Congrats Silvara!
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Two babies! Yay!
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I can't wait to see them, when they come out of their hiding place,
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Congratulations on the new babies!!!
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Oh, I need to go looking for regular pictures of her so I can figure out what a sugar glider is! Looks cute from what I can tell!
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Lol. You can see more pics of her on my site. Here's a link to her pics page:

In the last pic, she's the fat one on the right, rofl!

BTW, she'll be 4 weeks along in 2 days! The joeys are growing like weeds! I laid my fingers on her pouch this morning and I could feel them squirming around, heehee.

It's not quite as fun as when I used to lay my head on my cat's belly and could feel her kittens moving(that was 3 years ago!), but it's just about there on the fun-o-meter, lol.
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Hey guess what? My sugar glider has a little "bump" too! I had thought she might be pregnant, and then a while back she was hiding out more than usual and I thought she may have been giving birth... I guess I was right because she is now lopsided! I was kicking myself for not noticing it sooner, but I think because I see her every day I didn't notice the change until it was very noticeable! Definitely just one baby. I hope it's a girl...
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Congrats on the baby!

And yay for Silvara having two!!
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