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Thunder! What Was That Mom?!

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There was a huge...and I mean huge, clap of thunder mid-day. It was nappy time for all the kids and me. I was on the bed and they were in various beds around the house.

Well, it thundered and I hear 3 crying MEOWS coming from different parts of the house and a second later the distinct sound of a stampede as all 3 ran into the room and on my bed. They all stuck themselves to my body and reeree started sucking Fiona's toes as she groomed him and Rocko came up on my chest and was looking at me for reassurance.

They never freak out over storms. It was so weird and funny at the same time. Nice to know they know who their protector is....
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Awww, they want meowmys comfort. We are getting a good storm right now and Popsie is a bit anxious. It hailed a little bit (small hail) and he could hear it hitting the house. I saw him staring at the front door like "what the heck is that"
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Oh Ollie's a giant chicken during storms.... sometimes it doesn't even have to thunder yet and he's zooooom under the couch or bed! It usually takes cookies to get him out from under after the storm is over lol

I'm curious how he'll be on the 4th since I won't be home... he may be by himself during the fireworks (I'm going do the shore with my cousin and friends and my mom is going to a friend's house and I think my dad will be working)... so I'll just make sure doors are shut to rooms where he could get into fear-induced trouble lol.... hmmm just thought that I may pick up a feliway diffuser - I have spray but not the plug in....
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Thats what was so suprising to me! They all sit through fireworks and storms as if nothing is happening. It made me laugh that all three of them came running...I can understand ONE having a bad day and being freaked out but all 3 was unusual.

They love their meowmy!
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Awww, that's so cute! It's always nice when they come to you for protection. Bella doesn't freak out at storms much anymore... she is all diva. But she does run to me sometimes for protection
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Bless their cotton socks! They know who will protect them from the evil storm...Meowmy!
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