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Newborn coughing?

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One of the babies that we had yesterday seems to have a bit of a cough. Sounds like something is stuck and he is trying to clear out his throat.

Anyone have any advise. He is just a day old? He is drinking from Mom. Just not sure what to do?

I will post updated pics of the babies soon and weights. Need to figure out how to tell the sex for sure and then will post...but in the mean time any help on the cough would be great.

Thank you!!!
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Wish I had some better advice, but at that age, I would be paranoid and take them to the vet at the drop of a hat. Especially coughing...

So that's my advice- take him / her to a vet!

That the baby is fine!!
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I second the vet thing. The baby is so little.
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wrap the baby up in something warm and take it to the vet. Kittens can sometimes have reflux and when they nurse it can back up into their lungs. It is easy to get pneumonia. It may be absolutely nothing but a weird litte cough, but kitties at that age can go downhill fast so please call your vet today.
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