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Poisoned cat help

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Monday I was stripping my deck and my 1 yr old cat Sedona ran out and ran through the product I was using called deck stripper. I took her to the vet and they put her on IVs for the day. I picked her up last night and she is not looking good at all. Wouldn't IV's help flushing this through her system whether she dehydrated or not? She is eating some but basically sleeping and laying around. Has anyone had any experience with this and is there anything I can do for her at this point to help her recover? She's currently on Wellness, Innova, Instinct canned foods. The vet did soak her paws in something because they looked sore but sent nothing home for me to put on them. Any ideas?
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Call your vet again.
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I would call the vet again.
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Yikes!! Only on IV one day?? Cello poisened himself by walking through potent laundry soap and licking it off his paws. I kept him in the ICU on IV until he turned a corner (essentially looked better, was eating and drinking normally) it took 4 days and I went to visit him everyday because I had to hand feed him baby food (sometimes their throats are very sore from swallowing a poisenous substance)

THe IV will keep him hydrated and WILL be your best friend. Also if anything starts to fail it's the quickest way to get him meds. IV is much better then SubQ fluids. If you are worried I would take him back. I took cello to emerg. Brought him home that night, the next day he wasn't better so I had him admitted to the vets for 4 days, I truly feel if I hadn't he would have died. He still has some throat problems from the poisening.

PM if you have any questions...

Edit: it is a good sign that she is eating, but fluids are going to be the best thing you can do for her.

Try baby food, as mentioned above, it might be easier on her throat and stomach
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I had a Cat get poisoned once and she stayed at the Er for a few days then a week at our Vet. They sent your Cat home way to fast.
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Ya know this really P me off. I suppose they sent her home because nobody is in the clinic at night so its either that or transport her to an emergency clinic. Doesn't matter, should have been my choice not theirs. They've made it sound like there is nothing that can be done except time. When they called to check on her today, my question was how do I know if she needs to go back in and their answer was runny stools, bloody stools, vomiting, dehydrated. They put her on sucralfate and nothing for her paws. Tonight she is feeling better, she up and around and digging in the catnip drawer so thats a little encouraging. She's eating real well also. They said they will test her blood and recheck her organs in 1 month to see if there was any damage.
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I am glad she feels better but I still think your Vet is wrong. When Stripewas out of the Er vet there was no Vet at night at the vet I went to either but she was on Iv the whole time.
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I had this happen to my kitty Tweety. Without my knowledge a family member stripped some furniture in my yard. It never even crossed their minds that the cats ( mine or theirs) might walk through it.

Well Tweety did walk through it. I had no idea. A couple of days later I noticed he was walking funny. He had third degree burns on 3 paws, the stripper had gotten up between all the pads on his toes. I had no idea what was wrong at first. I didn't understand why his feet were black and looked like he had walked in tar.

I took his temperature and it was 105.5!!!! Yeah I freaked out. It was only after I got Tweety back from the vet, feet gobbed up in neosporin and wrapped in pink vetwrap and major antibiotics did the family member fess up to what they did. Tweety didn't have any internal or organ damage and was not on any fluids.

Watch Sedona's feet closely. Also watch for a temperature. If she develops chemical burns she is going to get infected quickly. BTW, it is REALLY hard to keep kitties paws wrapped.

Lots of healing vibes and please keep us posted.
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Thanks everyone for your opinions about Sedona. She is much much better. Almost back to normal. One thing she does have yet is really stinky paws. I don't see any blisters but they do look dry. The vet did say they soaked them in something and I'm wondering if its what they soaked them in that stinks or the chemical. Although a person shouldn't assume anything I would assume by the vet soaking them it would have removed all of the chemical. For $260 I would hope so. Any thoughts anyone

Thanks again for everyone's help

Julie & Sedona
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Is it possible to call and find out what they used to soak her paws? You could also ask if there is a safe product for cats that you could put on her paws to help the dryness. Did they tell you to wash her paws after getting home? A gentle soap may help, under the advice of your vet.
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How is Sedona doing today? Tweety's feet were hard, black and stinky. They didn't look infected, but under the hard black crust they were. I had to completely smear the bottoms of his feet in neosporin, making sure is was well into the crevices around his pads. then put a gauze pad then vet wrap.

The gauze/neosporin helped clear the hard crust off the pads without having to soak and scrub. He was of course on oral antibiotics too.

Surprisingly though he healed very quickly. He only had his feet wrapped for 5-6 days. Which when he kept flicking the wrap off every 1/2 hour started to seem like forever

Hopefully since the vet cleaned her feet off she won't have the burns that Tweety did.
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