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BAD DAY!!! *rant*

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i REALLY think i should have slept today away!

First off, i find out unemployment has a hold on my case, cause they hadent figured my ONE day of vacation pay on 6/1 into their payments, so im not going to get paid till they figure THAT out

Then, cause were saving on gas, the SO took the car back to work fom lunch, cause it gets better gas mileage then his truck. He calls from a friends shop 1/2 on his way to work. My balljoint SNAPPED and took everything with it!

So i have on the phone ALL morning with Chrysler and a dealership, cause in my car ( 95 sebring) all lower control arms and ball joints are LIFETIME recall, so there covered till the cars a paperweight.

Im stilling waiting to find out when i can get my car into the dealer, and when i can pick up a loaner.

Time for a stiff drink me thinks!!!
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I am sorry you are having a bad day.I am too...but won't go into that right now.I hope your day gets better!
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Grrr, getting unemployment can be a PITA. Sorry you had a bad day. Hope everything works out soon.
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I HOPE tomorrow turns out better. Im waiting on a call from a 2nd dealership about getting the car there to diagnose and get repaired.

I plan to call the BBB on this crappy dealership. I already made a post in Craig'slist about their poor customer service, as well,lol.
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Ugh, sorry you are having such a bad day I know how you feel today - it was just one of those days where I shoulda called out "sick"!
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I am so sorry you are having a bad day. Car troubles are a miserable thing to deal with. I hope it can get fixed soon.
I am currently collecting unemployment, and it is a giant pain. When they finally got around to adjudicating my case, they had to give me a bunch of back pay.
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