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More kittens...what would you do?

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There are these people that live near where my mom works, and their cat had another litter of kittens. I swear this has to be the cat's third litter at least, she seems to have one every spring. This house has a busy street on one side and railroad tracks on the other (usually active with freight trains). The kittens are always just left outdoors (they are given food and water however). I have no idea what becomes of these kittens. I've told my mom she should scoop them up and take them to the shelter but she doesn't want to mess with someone else's cats.

So what would you do in this situation?
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Maybe the owner tries to place them and takes the "leftovers" to the shelter....do any of the neighbors know her enough to find out?? Those poor kitties...
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This probably sounds pretty bad, but if she just dumps them outside and they have no identification or proof of healthcare, aren't they technically unowned kittens? I would try to find out what happens to them....if she just leaves them outside or whatever...and if she doesn't care for them or get them healthcare and homes than I would go snatch them. At least then they would have a chance.

Maybe you can also leave an anonymous note on her door explaining why you recommend she get her cat spayed! If anything, so it for the health of her own cat!!
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It depends where you live and what your by-laws are. Here you have to advertise the animal in the newspaper etc for at least 5 days before you can claim it as your own.

I would ask them if they need help placing the kittens and drop off something about spaying, but she could be selling the kittens and BYB
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My Brother inlaw is out in the country, and he says let nature take its coruse.
That doesn't fly in my book. But it's the way he feels and nothing I do will change his brain. Find out what the laws are, and inform the proper people, we have a 3 pet max in my city, shhhhhh I have 4, all indoors and very cared for. It may be the city can do something to make them spay the female.
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I am the aggressive type and would take the kittens and spay the female. That is animal abuse in my book so all bets are off. The cat can't very well protest.
If someone came forward and told me that Lucia was actually theirs and they want her back I would say No. She was clearly neglected and not cared for.
It depends on how terrible the situation looks. I think leaving kittens outside to fend for themselves when the mother is owned by someone is neglect.
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I completely agree.
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