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I feel so low

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The past couple of months have been really tough for me. The stress and strains of working for an agency have finally kicked in for me, and the past two days I have just felt so low and unhappy about everything...Life really seems to be horrible for me right now, and not having the full time work just yet is starting to grate on my nerves.

I am due to start my full time employment with a Nursing Home any time now, just waiting for the last pieces of paperwork to be finalised before I get a start date...I just wish it would hurry up so that I feel better within myself!

Also, the problems I am having at home are not helping my situation either, I feel like having the word 'Doormat' printed on my forehead! My younger sister has this habit of leaving most of the household chores for me to do, as her excuse is having the baby to look after..but what harm is there for her to help out just a little bit? She thinks that because of little one, she doesn't have to pull her weight around the house, but how would she be when she gets her own place? I just don't understand that....

I just feel like stamping my feet and screaming at the top of my lungs! Maybe I will feel better if I did that, and then I won't be so tearful either!

Sorry, had to get that off my chest...
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Hoping your job situation get resolved soon.
Perhaps you could sit down with your sister and work out a chore list?? Does she also work-if not she needs to understand that you can't do everything yourself.
Take care!!
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Younger sisters are a bit spoiled IMO. If the baby is her only excuse, tell her you both will alternate between taking care of the child and doing the chores.
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Aww poor you Hope you get everything sorted soon
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Thanks guys! I'm feeling a little bit better today, I managed to escape outside for the morning, and I came back to the house in a tidier state..I think mum had words with her about how much pressure I am under right now. And to answer the question about her working, she doesn't have a job at the moment, she left her previous one due to bad treatment from other staff members.

Pity she hasn't really bothered looking for one since, not even part time...her partner is quite happy to look after their daughter whilst she works, and vice versa...but right now it is all one sided. She is learning the hard way, and it will catch up with her eventually! (Well, that's what my mum and I were discussing this morning anyway.)

Things seem to be looking up, but I won't speak too soon about that either
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I am sorry things are going like that for you, but was glad to see in your last post things may be looking up. Hang in there, and please share your good news when you get it.
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