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Super Granny

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I love to play games on my computer and I found a series about saving cats.
I think there are four of them, Super Granny games. There is a cute little grandma that runs around saving her kitties. I play mine for free on MostFun.com games. Has anyone else found these, or am I the only game freak here? My grandkids have been know to give me games for B-Days.

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I'm a game addict too. My daughter keeps giving me games and then laughs at me when I get "involved" with them.
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I've played the Granny games, they are great
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Sounds cute!
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OH, I have to try them! They're free? (I love free games!)

Yeah, I'm a game freak too. I like the adventure games like Kings Quest and Sherlock homes stuff where you have to find items and figure out how to use them. But, mine are limited because if I have one, NOTHING gets done in the house until I'm done!
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