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I swear, I just got done sneezing like 25 times in a row. You know its bad when you start sneezing up blood! I realllllly hate being sick.
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Have you been to the DR.?
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Not yet. If it gets any worse I'll force myself to go though. Thankfully the stuffy nose seems to be fading, and now I'm just coughing a lot. Sigh.
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you really should see a DR.It might be more than a cold.
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I've had this nagging cold for almost 3weeks, I know go to the dr BUT he'll just say to ride it out there's no sense in giving you antibiotics unless your snot is colored or your coughing up colored things:martian: Yuck, I think there should be an ultra magic pill that cures us of everything but only we know about........unless there is and you all haven't told me. Dali:blossom:
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Allergies possibly?? I hope you get to feeling better...this weather makes my allergies start acting up badly and I have to get weekly shots to help...Take some Benedryl...
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MY allergies are acting up! I am sneezing,runny nose and eyes and a frecking headache,and I am allergy to grass,weeds and trees!
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Agh.. everyone is sick or suffering from allergies.

My sneezing has pretty much stopped. I'm allergic to cats, and I have three so I still sneeze now and then, but my allergic reaction to cats is almost nil now that I've been living with them for two years.

Now my lungs are just congested. So I'm coughing up a lot of junk. Bleh. Hopefully it won't last that long. It's not that bad, and at night I'm taking TheraFlu which helps more than you can imagine. I'm not even coughing that much. Hopefully my body can fight this off.

I'm taking Vitamin C everyday along with other vitamins that Craig is stuffing down my throat. My mind is begging my body to fight this off. Hopefully the body listens!
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