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The little Rascal

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So I was woken up at 5am last night by Nikita having a party in the kitchen.

I'd thrown away some ham late last night and Nikita had managed to get off the lid of my kitchen rubbish bin and then tip it over.

She then proceeded to 'play' with a fair bit of the trash and in particular chasing the ham all the way across the kitchen floor and eating a fair bit of it.

I'm rather worried because I think she may be allergic to pork so I'm watching out for any overgrooming spots but she's not started up so far *knocks on wood*

Still, cleaning up a cat scavenged, tipped, trash can wasn't my activity of choice at that hour of the morning.

I think I'll have to get a good sturdy metal trash can or atleast really watch what I put in it and empty it out every evening.

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Sounds like Nikita had a really good time with that trash can
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I'm sure Nikita and Gigi were separated at birth. Gigi showed us the 'garbage trick' when we first brought her home. But instead of ham, Gigi prefers pizza scraps and pulled all other garbage items across the floor in similar fashion.
We now keep the trash behind cabinet doors.

But if Gigi starts demanding a larger water dish like Nikita, we'll have to have a talk with her. And there is no way I'm showing Gigi this thread!
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Better look under your ref. Cats love to kick the small stuff from knocked over trash bins all the way down there.
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