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Help! Morning Sickness solutions needed!

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I feel so nauseous morning, noon, evening and even during the night..

Any ideas on how to deal with that? It wasn't like that at all with Ron! I don't throw up but I feel like I'm going to all the time. Help!
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Oh, Anne, I know *just* how you feel! Saltine crackers help a little in some cases, but I personally wasn't able to get over my bouts of morning sickness until I went to my OB/GYN and he gave me a prescription. I only took the medication for 2 days, and after that I was fine. I guess it 'broke the cycle' or something. Since it was 14 years ago I don't have any idea what the medication was, or if it's even used now, but I would suspect that your doctor would have some sort of answer for you!

I hope you start feeling better soon so you can enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest!
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My sister only now finished with the morning sickness period after two and a half months...(its funny - its like the whole family is pregnant. She is the first sister in the family to have a baby).

Salty things also helped her when she felt really bad. But her solution wasn't the most practical one: she simply slept for two months!!!

Congrats again!!!
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Oh Anne, I hope you get to feeling better soon! I've never been pregnant (Thank GOODNESS!), so I'm afraid I haven't the slightest clue what you're going through right now. I do hope that the nausea goes away though

I love how pregnant women just glow. You'll have to post pictures of you through each month so we can follow along on the progress of your pregnancy! :P

*big hugs* Hope you get to feeling better soon hon!

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Originally posted by nunny
[b]her solution wasn't the most practical one: she simply slept for two months!!!
That is practical but only during the first pregnancy Having a 14-months old to take care of makes this highly unpractical...
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I have never been preggers but I heard that if you try to make sure you eat alittle...non stop, and never let your tummy get empty that is supposed to really help. My mom said mints helped when she was preggie.
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Oh, you have all my sympathy!
I felt so sick for allmost 4 months (after that it was heaven!)
I didn´t thow up a lot, but felt I couldn´t move or even talk, to prevent it. When I felt the most, I didn´t leave the house for allmost a month.
My doctor gave me some good avises:

Stop taking vitamins for a while (they made me throw up) Folin is most important untill week 6, then the formation, for which folin is improtant are done. Later in the pregnancy I started taking vitamins in a fizzy tablet, that dissolves in water, that doesn´t bring as much nausea. I even still take those.

Take travel sickness pills, I laid in the sofa, counting the hours untill I could take the next one...
The doctor adise me to even take one very early in the morning, if I woke up to pee or something, so it would have started working when I next woke up.

Eat in bet, before I started mooving around, toast, dry cheerios etc.

Try not to moove to much around when you feel bad, just as if you are seasich, you feel better if you are still.

I also found an advise, that ginger was good, so I ate toast with fresh ginger, just scratced on the bread.

Drinking stomack ease tea, I have one very good kind, Yogi Bhajans´s Ancient Herbal Formula, they have all kinds of herbal teas for the health. If you don´t find it I can sent you some. I thind it´s from Holland.

I also ate small bits of graham crackers with jam and white cheese, that gave me some energy.

You should have seen my bedside table! Water, tea, Ginger ail, cheerios, toast with ginger...it was full...

I hope any of this will help - and most of all I hope you will start to feel better soon!

Just let me know, if you want me to send you the tea, its organic and it contains Cardimom, fennel, coriander, barley malt, peppermint, ginger cinnamon, black pepper, cloves. I drink it quite often if I have an upset stomack, or am stressed, it is sort of calming.

Sorry how long this has become!

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Thank you Sesselja! that's so kind of you to offer! The only thing is I've been told some herbal tea is not good for pregnany women - it this type specifically inteneded for pregnancy?

I will also ask my doctor for help tomorrow and see what he says.
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I was told this was ok, and I was wery obsessive, not to do anything that could possibly be bad for the baby. I actually still am this way, about the breastfeeding, I still breastfeed him.
Still I took a disicion to be sensible to what to listen to, and some things are ok, in an sensible amount. I found a website with a huge list of what was not to be done. I found ther all kinds of herbs and spiced, including ginger that you should not eat, but everywhere else I read and heard that ginger was good for the neusia.
I feel that british advices tend to be a bit much of "everything is dangerous untill other profen", so I sorted out what sensibility (and my doktor!) told me!
It will be nice to hear what your doctor says!
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Red Raspberry leaf tea (available in most health stores) is excellent for preventing/reducing morning sickness. A friend of mine had very bad morning sickness and used this with success.

Good luck and feel better!
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I threw up everything, for the first three months, both times. The doctor prescribed Benedectin, for my first pregnancy but, it has since been shown to cause birth defects. Luckily, Richard was fine.

I've been told that flat ginger ale is a good treatment. The saltine crackers, first thing in the morning, didn't do me any good - I threw THEM up. Almost, the only thing, that I could keep down was chocolate milk shakes. Even so, I lost 16 lbs., that first three months.

The doctor also said to avoid fried and/or fatty foods.

I don't know why they call it "morning" sickness - I threw up all day, every day. My toenails were beginning to loosen!

Good luck, Anne. You seem to have a lot of sympathy, here.
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I had only one pregnancy, and during the first trimester I had some morning sickness, but it wasn't nearly as severe as what you're going through Anne.

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time, and our mom told us that eating saltine crackers in the morning helps to prevent morning sickness. Mom said we should keep the crackers next to the bed, and eat a couple of them right away without moving very much, and then just lay very quitely for about 20 minutes. I found that doing this helped prevent the milder type of morning sickness that I had.

A couple of things that I can remember about being pregnant:

When I got hungry I had to eat immediately or I would start feeling sick.

If I was just sitting around and then started moving around too quickly I would start feeling sick. I had to change my level of activity gradually, especially during the first trimester.

I hope your doctor will be able to prescribe some medication that will help you, and that you start feeling a lot better soon.
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Since I work in a Pharmacy, I learn a few good tips here and there. One big thing with morning sickness, it is the vitamins. Most people take them in the morning when they get up, but actually the best time to take them is right before you go to bed. They will upset the stomach since there is quite a bit of iron in it, so make sure you eat a small snack while you take them. Also, avoid any milk products one hour before you take your vitamins. The ingredients in the milk will "cling" to the iron and will not allow the iron to dissolve into the blood stream. Since there is more iron in prenatal vitamins than in regular vitamins, you might have more problems with constipation. They do make some new vitamins on the market now that have a stool softener in the vitamin. Some women swear by these! I believe they are called Prenatal Advance (there are other kinds like these too).
Just thought I'd share some info that could be helpful in the long run! Good luck Anne...hope the sickness goes away soon!
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The one physical item that is supposed to help is one of these travel sickness bracelets worn on the wrist. Apparently it acts on pressure points suppressng the feelings nausea.

Anne - I really do feel for you - I felt sick constantly for about 2 months - however I never was actually sick.

Ginger helped me - ginger biscuits especially , eating a constant supply of dry crackers, lightly buttered toast, drinking LOTS of water (actually this helped the most), at the moment I must be up to about 2 litres a day!

I kept my strength up by eating small frequent meals, and making sure they were as bland as possible.
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Thank you for the advice everyone! So far I think eating small meals every 2 hours makes me feel slightly better. A diet decaf coke with lemon and lots of ice is also nice.
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I had morning sickness really bad with both of my kids, I lost about 30 lbs in the first 3 months with each one. I read something in a pregnancy magazine when I was pregnant with my second child that helped me tremendously. It sounds weird , I know, but it really did help- it said to keep a bowl with a handful of plain potato chips and about half of a glass of lemonade by your bed at night and to eat/drink it before getting up in the morning. I used to lie there for a few minutes after as well. My daughter was about Rons age when I was pregnant with my son, so this was a very practical solution for me.

Good luck and congratulations :rainbow:
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I don't have any good advice, Anne...I wish I did....all I can say is it is well worth it!
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