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I never realized...

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just how much of a cat addict I am.

However I was browsing the boards today looking at pictures. It's amazing. I see pictures of your cats, whom I've never met and I instantly fall in love with them. I am such a sap. Everytime I see a picture of a cat I want it, or one like it instantly. If it wasn't for Craig I'd have a *lot* of cats. Way more than just three.

I just can't get ENOUGH of CATS.

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I know exactly what you mean!

If it wasn't for Spawn being an 'only cat' personality, I'd have cats all over the place!

I get my kitty fix by volunteering at our local rescue. I go in and play with the kitties! I LOVE playing with the kittens, but it's SO hard to leave them and not bring them home.

At the shop I've adopted a feral kitty. I trapped her and had her spayed a month ago, then released her. She's still mad at me for that, but she's not refusing the food I leave out for her! So... I guess it's time to name her, huh?
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I can totally relate to how you feel. There is this site called webshots that has all sorts of photographs for your desktop. I probably have a few hundred pictures of cats on my computer!

It's so hard to look at the pictures and not want to love them all!! There are so many wonderful cats out there, I wish there was more of me so I could take care of them all.
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be very careful what you wish for. I made that wish and now i'm paying for it big time :LOL: I had my two inside kitties, but then snowwhite wondered up and she had ashton, lilly and sherbert, then some orange kitty wondered up...and now there is another white one that stops by now and then...and snowwhite is pregant!! But we are getting her fixed as soon as she has her new litter is done nursing so hopefully my kitty crazyness will level out!
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