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Question Of The Day - Wednesday, July 2nd!

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Good morning! It's going to be a hot and sticky one today!

Do you have plans for a big summer vacation this year?

Mine just took place this past weekend. Two highschool girlfriends and I spent Wednesday thru Sunday in northern Michigan. We did all kinds of tourist-y things...a wine tasting tour of the Leelanau penninsula, visited Sleeping Bear sand dunes, went to Mackinac Island, found petoskey stones on the shore of Lake Michigan, and shopped in Traverse City. We had perfect weather and had a wonderful time! It was so much fun, I'd love to do it again!
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Apart from a couple of days in Scotland not this year, because i have a wedding to go to during my holidays and i'm not missing it because i watched him grow from being a small child
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No summer vacation for me this year I'm still in college so you could imagine that I don't have money to spare for a vacation.
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No vacation for me either. John is going to Florida with his family in September, but I've offered to stay here and take care of the animals because no one else can do it. I'm not looking forward to a whole week alone while they're having fun.
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The last week of August, hubby and I are going to visit my people in Oregon. I may still have a cast on my foot though....
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We took a trip in March to visit my sis in Virginia so that is the "big" trip.
With the veg garden, the yard and a seasonal job its difficult to get away for more than 2-3 days!!
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I just returned from Oklahoma for my mom's wedding, so thats probably it for me, even though I worked harder than had I stayed home!
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Going to Cincinnati this weekend, and on to Destin Fl at some point this summer to see my sis and her family, maybe some day trips, and Chicago in September
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We have summer passes to big kahunas here in Florida. It's a good size water park and we may take a quick trip up to Valdosta, GA to Wild Adventures before the summer is over.
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I was going to visit my best friend in Alabama this month, but gas prices are so high, I won't be able to. Even the airlines are too expensive. Maybe next summer when my debt is paid off I won't feel so guilty.

I probably will go to the local beach that is an hour from here-Galveston!
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
Good morning! It's going to be a hot and sticky one today!
Do you have plans for a big summer vacation this year?
good morning my friend

Your question is soo great!...Unfortunately I have not big plans for this summer, just work and Work... my vacations are programed until november this year.......
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We're going to London and then to Northern Ireland where we are going to stay in a cabin by a lake.
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Our vacation this year is a trip to New Jersey then to Maine. Rob's cousin is getting married August 18, so we are going up there for the wedding. Her and her fiance flew down for 2 days to come to our wedding reception, so it's only fair. We are driving though. My grandma's birthday is August 13, so we are going to surprise her a day early when we get to New Jersey (told her we weren't arriving until the 14th), staying for a day or two so I can spend time with family and visit a few friends, then off to Maine for the wedding. We are heading back the day after the wedding, so it'll be a 19 hour haul!

Means no work August 13, 14, 15 and 18 Well, the 18th is tentative - depends if I'm feeling like going to work after a 19 hour drive/ride.
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No vacations planned for me yet, but I never know what's around the parents are off on a camping trip in August though...
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Oh I like this question!

I do have plans. Aug 1 I have a wedding in Tahoe, so that'll just be quick jaunt over night, but it'll be fun! Then the weekend after that (8/6 - 8/10), I am going to a family reunion in LA! First one since I got married, so the first my husband will go to as part of the family!

Then, the real answer to your question- our big plans! Last year on 9/2/07 was our wedding. However, none of my family / friends in Japan could make it. SO, they are giving us a "second wedding" in Japan! So on 8/27 - 9/3 we are going to Japan for our second wedding!! (He he, couldn't resist!)

Actually, just thought of this so thanks for asking this question today!! Now that our chinchilla Nigel died, we have to rearrange some pet-sitter plans. Honestly, this may sound bad, but now that I think about it, I'm glad he died now, not while we were gone and someone was watching him!
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I havent been able to travel because of my kitty cats. Its been so hard on me (ha) because I am a spontaneous traveler. Just this week I found a babysitter that is going to start coming over so the cats can get to know her and wont be afraid, so she babysit and I can start traveling again. Hopefully, the first trip will be a big family cruise
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DH and I already went to Cabo for vacation for a week. Other than that, we are going back to upstate NY for parents weekend at our daughter's college in October. We will see my Mom, Aunt and cousins then, too.
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I won't be going on a vacation even though I wish I could. I just moved to Austin a month ago to work on an unpaid internship/practicum which stinks. Good thing is I work on it from home so I save gas that way! However, because it is unpaid and I don't currently have a job, I can't really be spending my money on a vacation. I'll be done with school in August and I'm looking for a job currently so maybe next summer I can have me a real nice vacation since I will *crosses fingers* have a job by then!
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My husband and I are leaving tomorrow right after I get home from work and heading down to central Indiana, where we have friends with a large yard and several outbuildings. Many more friends will be joining us for Summerfest 2008 - four days of camping, game playing, sitting around the fire and sampling strange kinds of alcohol!

Other than that, we are not doing anything. We can barely afford the gas and food for this trip! But it is worth it to see friends again.
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My vacation starts the end of this week -- for the rest of the month. Our lofty plans are the same as usual, since we really aren't travellers: the odd day trip maybe, depending how the spirit moves -- and if it doesn't neither do we. Watching the grass grow is a noble occupation.
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My husband and I are getting out of town for our 40th birthdays.

It's been a tough few months so we are keeping it simple and familiar and just heading to northern New England.

We both really need a break now though, so if he can get a Friday off sometime we may go away for a long weekend before then.
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This summer I'm going to Menorca with my mom and dad, then on boxing day it's off to Tenerife, and then next summer we're going to Florida to swim with dolphins again!

I'm most looking forward to next year though.
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