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Daily Thread Wednedsay July 2nd!

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Good morning folks!

Welp, back to work today but at least its a really short week. Josh might come this weekend for my family gathering...I really hope he can!

Not much going on today..just working and then coming home and unpacking.

Weather is sunny and 27 today, so I'll be bearing my mosquito bitten legs

Anyway, have a good one!
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So you have speckled legs instead of the great whites???

Overcast currently as Tstorm front moving just to the north-actually a few drops of rain.
Will wait until passes to go to clients houses.
More rain this afternoon so I won't have lots of work time. Then a couple of errands to do.
Got all but one of the plants I bought planted but still have others I have to find spots for.
Bakkers sleeping, Grizzlie just came in Bobs is on her morning jaunt.

Hip still hurts-not much sleep last night as its hard to find a good comfortable position!

Have a good one............
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and suppose to be very hot here today..Oh yayyy

Heading off shortly not a whole lot to do though so it should be a short day.

Nothing special planned for afterwards.

Kitties are good this morning they are all sitting in the front window letting the breeze ruffle their fur..They look quite comfortable.

Everyone have a great day
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I've been on summer vacation for 5 weeks and I have another 6 weeks to go! I love being a teacher!

Today, I plan to do a lot of housework, I am really behind since I haven't been staying home much. My sister-in-law is coming over today to borrow some board games for their 4th of July boat trip this weekend. I'll finish mowing the front lawn this evening when the sun goes down (it's 100 during the day right now) and work in my garden. I might even wash my car! Exciting life I tell you

Have a good one everybody!
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Same today as yesterday, same as tomorrow and Friday...work, work, work! (Yes we're working the 4th). This afternoon we're probably going to go to the church and practice a bit on the sound system, as revival runs next week, and we've found some new songs and need to practice some of the older ones as well.
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Good morning!

Yesterday started off not well for me, so I was hoping for a good ending to the day, but I didn't get it...

Instead, my chinchilla died! Our old man Nigel is gone... I posted a little tribute to him in the Bridge section. So, my only real plans for today are to bury him and put away all his stuff... He died late, and we noticed even later, so didn't have time last night.

Gee, and I don't like writing sad posts here!

In the good news section, Evie and the kits are doing well. Got to spend most of the day with the X-Pack yesterday, so they (and I!) are happy.

Oh, also, I think they are done paving our driveway! That'll be really nice. Now I can go shopping!

Everyone have a great day!
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