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Nigel Stopped Ticking...

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I feel like I shouldn't post here since I can never read any of these without bawling, so I don't respond... But I have to pay tribute to our old man Nigel.

For those that noticed, my signature says (won't for much longer) all my pets in age order, first being "Nigel, the chinchilla that just keeps ticking."

Well, sometime this evening, his ticking stopped.

This is a brief history of his I wrote a bit ago:


Nigel is quite the character. He's one of the few we rescued from an individual, and not from a shelter. We got him from a friend's niece. When his previous mommy went off to college, he was left with her parents, who basically neglected him. After a few years of him living a sad, sad life, my friend brought him to us.

She told us his story- that he had been loved but was now neglected, and that he was 17 years old and she only wanted him to have a happy end of his life with us. So we took him in expecting him to die any month, since chinchilla life spans are like a cat's- they can live to be 20, but it's rare.

That was 4 years ago! So we didn't expect him to live with us for a year, and now, if they are right on his age, and they swear they are, he is 21 years old! And he is healthier and happier than ever.

So that's why he's earned that nickname. He's far surpased our expectations! We love him dearly- he really blossomed with us- and hope he continues defying the odds.

When I get home, I have a routine. Check on all pets (The X-Pack is very last, since they take the longest!), play with them, feed them if necessary, clean if necessary... Today I got home about 5:30, and checked on the chins first. Nigel had plenty of food, so I gave him some love and raisins. Checked everyone else, then did some housework. I went up to spend time with the X-Pack about 6:45-ish, and at that point he still seemed fine.

About half an hour ago, my husband and I came down stairs to get ready for bed. He went to go feed the chins some last raisins (Nigel was going to get banana chips this time... He's the only one that likes those, now we have no one to eat them... ) and he was in a corner curled up and dead...

So at least, we think he went peacefully. Unlike my other chinchilla Sarah who had a long last fight, his was quick and, hopefully, painless.

He had really blossomed with us. I orinigally didn't want him because I had just lost Sarah and both my Grandmothers when they asked me to take him, and I didn't want to deal with another death. I'm really glad my husband (then boyfriend) went behind my back (unwittingly) and took him home. I'm happy we gave him some good last 4 years filled with love.

Nigel enjoying his free time:

Nigel chilling on a hot day!

Sleepy old man.

At least he didn't die a virgin! Nigel and his baby, Kyu.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Nigel!
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a lovely tribute for a lovely boy. you made his last years happy ones
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He's such a lovely chinchilla ! I'm glad you were able to give him 4 years of love and happiness before he crossed the RB. Don't worry, I'm sure there are plenty of banana chips where he is now
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Sorry he died. My Sister has one also and was told they live about 15 years. I am glad your got old.
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Rest in peace sweet Nigel.
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Thanks everyone.

Nigel was a very special man, so while his death wasn't tragic and was long expected, we are still very sad. He is now the first baby buried in our new backyard, and we have a headstone / marker on the way.

Have I ever told you that you all at TCS are the best? Your support and kind words really help ease the pain.
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Rest In Peace Sweetheart
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Oh isn't he so sweet!! What a moving tribute you did as well

Nigel will be well across the bridge by now playing with his new friends

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aww what a sweetie he was may he RIP and play over the bridge

the good thing is that you have his baby to also remember him by
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I'm so sorry for your loss. What an adorable little guy he was.

RIP Nigel
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that was a beautiful tribute for a beautiful chinchilla.

RIP precious soul.
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Awww what a cute boy. I'm sorry for your loss.
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RIP, Nigel.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Nigel.
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He was really cute. I am sorry for your loss. RIP Nigel.
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Thanks everyone.

I feel bad that I never posted about him on this site, so I am very glad that you all have been able to see him. He was a very special chin, and we miss him, as does Toku. I didn't expect her to show any signs, but she sits in the corner by where his cage was and kind of makes sad little noises... Maybe I'm imagining things, but she really does seem sad!

Thank you all for your support and kind words.
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Oh honey, I'm so sorry. He was a beautiful boy! You gave him so much love and comfort for the last years of his life and it sounds like he just went to sleep and just didn't wake up. At least you made his last 4 years happy.
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RIP to Nigel...
Go at the rainbow dear Nigel, meowmy will miss you always..
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