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My kitty Lucas has some strange hair loss on his face. He escaped outside couple days ago, and when he came back I realized it. At first I though he probably just got into a fight or something, because that's what it looked like. Later that day I went to check on my rabbit and noticed she had the same exact thing on her face only not as long, but bigger. More circular. Anyways...I was getting really scared. I mean how could 2 different species of animals have almost the same exact thing on their face? All I could think of was the worst things possible. Like some kind of flesh eating disease. Neither of them are acting different. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what they might have.

Here's a pic of Lucas' face...

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Maybe its ring worm.
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If it was just on your kitty, my guess would be a fight, but if two animals have it, I'm betting it's some kind of parasite. Ring worm is as good a guess as any.
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