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Okay in a word HELP grooming ECT

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Himalayan (chocolate pointer we think) Cat around 10mths of age. Has been neutered.

Okay in a word HELP......... My daughter returned home about a week ago in tow was a cat she had rescued, now he had been very sick but due to excellent care from the vet and care givers at the shelter he has made an excellent recovery. In a nut shell I’m not a cat person, although this little guy just may be changing my mind slowly, but I know nothing of they proper care, nor how to discipline him, grooming has become a nightmare, so any input would be greatly appreciated, my questions are below.

We had him groomed professionally as he was filthy, I try to brush him lightly every day going slow in order not to put him off the brushing, does not to bad with this part, even purrs sometimes. However I noticed he has some massive matts around his tummy area, I would like to just cut them out so as not to cause any pain to the cat, but he won’t let me near them. He will kick claw bite struggle ETC. I have been trying to get at them for the last few day’s. Is there anyway to restrain him, especially his legs as even with gloves I’m being clawed to death? I have tried the treat method, does not appear to help with him , although my dog has decided cat treats rule.

Clawing/biting of furniture and people. Although I must say he doesn’t claw at me very much, he gives no warning to others as to when he will attack. Declawing is not an option here. Do have a scratching post which he will use some times.

He is going to be kept as an indoor cat, will get outside with supervision and on a leash as the weather gets better. In the mean time any suggestions as to how I can simulate him more? He didn’t seem to know how to play at first, but with work and kindness has caught on quite well and appears to look forward to play time every night I come home after walking the dog, who by the way he loves to stock, or simply bug. In fact I think this has become his favorite pass time that and stealing the dog’s food, so I wondered if there is anything that he would find more stimulating and fun???

Anyway, any tips or help in any area as I said before would be greatly appreciated.
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I am glad he's growing on you

The first thing I would do with the mats, is take him back to the groomer and have his belly shaved. You can try at home if you want to get some clippers. It usually takes 2 people for mats, and shaving. Then you have one holding him, and one grooming or shaving him. When a mat gets so bad that it's up against the skin, the best option is to have it taken down to the skin. When they get mats like that, it's painful and can cause a skin infection. Once the mats are gone, it's best to keep combing the areas like under the arms, belly, and along the back of the rear legs.
He's still a baby, so play time is in over drive. Make sure that when he plays with you, it's not with any body parts. Use feather teasers, balls, or a lazer pen. That way, he gets the idea that he can't bite and scratch people. There are tons of interactive toys out now. The circles with balls in them, the tubes they can run through, and they also make a toy attached to a motor that moves. You can find a ton of fun toys at www.meoehoo.com. They also like to get up high, so a tall cat tree he can climb will help, or one of the beds that attached to the window.
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Thanks for the reply Sandie,

Got him piles of toys and everyone takes time out to play with him. Will take a look at the site you sent me for some more ideas.

Yes I had thought shaving out the matts would be best, will cover his front legs (his claws are lethal weapons) with socks then have my daughter hold him so that I can shave his tummy. I groom my dog, but he cooperates very well. Would take the cat back to the groomer, but feel the little guy has just about had it with all these different things happening to him and strangers poking at him. As I said he was very ill in the shelter, and to be force fed, then spend about two weeks at the vets on intravenous, plus still taking a host of meds to build up his system.

Anyway will give the shaving a go today, preceding as gentle as possible and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your knowledge.
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Well the shaving is OUT.... just about no hands left between my daughter and I, enough said. Am looking for a groomer who can do his tummy, not an easy task, all say they have to do a full grooming although he was just done a month ago, all also add that they may not be able to do his tummy. The last option is the Vet.

Anyway, thanks for the help Sandie, think were going to have to work very hard on his behavior problems before most groomer’s are going to be willing to groom him. Don’t want this little cat to be given up due to behavior, so will make an all out effort to see what can be done. Just don’t understand him, does not appear to want to be petted except for a very short time first thing in the morning.

Thank’s again.
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require a little tranquilizer to make it through a grooming visit. You vet can prescribe something to use before he goes in. If this kitten has been neglected he will need a lot of attention. Invest in "soft paws" a nail cover that will minimise any scratching. Find a groomer that specialises in cats. These cats will need weekly baths and blow drying to maintain their coat. If this is out of the question I would recomend having the fur trimmed shorter. You may also notice the "stinky cat syndrome" or potty in the fur on the back side of the kitty. This fur also needs to be trimmed on a regular basis. Good Luck with this new baby!
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Hey there-

Sounds like you have a bundle of energy to deal with. If you give him several different types of scratching posts that would be best, sisal rope or natural wood is the best kind, as it doesn't encourage them to scratch carpet or soft furniture. Feed him close to the scratching posts, and place the posts near a doorway (if possible) Make sure the posts are high enough, for cats need to stretch and use these posts for that reason more than scratching. Also get some on the floor type of scratchers- a turbo scratcher is a big hit in this household of over a dozen cats.

The link Sandie gave you had an error in it. The link is www.meowhoo.com you can find all sorts of wonderful cat toys and cat posts and other things there.

About his grooming problem? I would invest in a pair of grooming gloves, that way you can pet him and remove excess hair. He probably has soft fur, and soft fur mats really easy. Those mats are very painful and pulling on them can result in a combative cat. I have two that will periodically get a lion shave just for that reason.

As for discipline, the most effective discipline is your voice. If the cat is doing unacceptable behavior one Psssst or hiss at him and he will back off.

Good luck!
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I'm glad she is growing on you. She will be afraid for a little bit. It sounds like she is not used to people caring for her. I trained Max with my voice, a loud hand clap and a squirt of water from a water boddle helped a lot. I didn't have to use the water but a few times and he got the message. He is three now and I haven't had to use it at all in the past two years. Just picking it up has the desired affect. Indoor kitties seem always to have that kitten nature. Max still loves to play. At first Max hated to have anyone touch his tummy area, he is just now allowing me to pet his tummy. I think it is a very vunerable spot for them.

Max's Mommy
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Thank you all for your replies. After a good sleep and renaming kitty from Mr. Socks to Lucifer, have taken a deep breath and am ready to start again, armed with all of your advice.

I not only think but know he was indeed badly neglected. Ear Mites so bad they were crawling outside the ears, extremely under weight not to mention his health issues. So we have started again taking a slower and different approach with him. I have told everyone to speak to him a lot in quite tones, if he scratches or bites, retreat with a hiss. Trying to set up situations that allow the cat to win and have a successful play time. Will go slow on the petting as he appears to hate this and am studying his body signals. There is no way he will allow me anywhere near his tummy, but will keep persevering with the brushing.

One small break through this morning, I noticed he always hangs around me in the early morning before anybody gets up, normally I give him a treat and that’s that, I go on the computer. Well this morning I gave him his treat, then sat down with my coffee, the next thing and the first time he has done it, he jumped on my lap and allowed me to pet him. This didn’t last but a minute, but still I feel a break through with this little guy.

Again my thanks I will let you all know how the search and new grooming goes, think I may have found a lady, who insists she does a full grooming as she feels he wasn’t done right the first time around, also told me she is use to dealing with difficult cats’. When I’m at the vet, will see about a sedative for him in the future.

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I'm glad you found a groomer. If she says she is used to dealing with difficult cats, I would trust her. Max was also a stray kitty that they found in a barn. He was only six months old when I adopted him, but I could tell some human did not treat him right. Those ear mites can be difficult to get rid of. Max had to be treated 3 times before they would go away. You can tell your baby is responding to your love. It feels like such a huge accomplishment when they show their love back. Congratulations!

Max's Mommy
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