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Hmmmm...a Work Situation

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So I have kind of a weird work situation. As a "boss"...

I am in charge of the front desk operations of a Recreation Center. One of my employees recently told my boss that one of the other employees has admitted to coming to work "drunk". "Just" a couple of times.

Yikes! No one "told" ME so I don't "have" to "do" anything, yet. But that's definitely not ok, and I worry about this employee...he's only 21. That's a bad way to start your life. He won't hurt anyone at WORK in this condition, and his drawer is always on, but still...

Suggestions...that would help both him and me?????
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Do you think your boss will do anything about it? Is there an employee assistance program that either you or the boss could refer him to?

If not, maybe you could talk to him away from the workplace, as a friend rather than a supervisor. Just express your concern that he's on a self-destructive path and see how he responds...

Or if you'd like to keep it very low-profile, you might make a list of local alcohol-recovery programs and AA meetings and just leave it for him in a sealed envelope.
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Until you see it for yourself, or your boss sees it for himself, it's just hearsay.
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Do you think he comes in drunk on purpose? Or because he is a young guy he is out partying the night before and underestimated his alcohol level?
I have rocked up to work with a massive hang over and still drunk because i was partying till 2 am and had to start at 6.
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If its admitted he came drunk just a couple times I'm thinking its probably been more than that. Now that you are aware of this I would pay a bit closer attention.
I am aware of a similiar situation where an employee mentioned to supervisor that a fellow co-worker appeared to be using drugs/alcohol. This employee was then taken for a drug/alcohol screen which turned out negative. Is there something similar that can be done??
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