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Is she a Savannah?

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I've been in contact with someone who's selling their Savannah kitten. I was told she's worth $1000 but they'll adopt her out for $100 - $150. She's only 6 months old. I'm a bit leary about this "deal" (note the date of the photo and she looks grown to me) and was just wondering if anyone knows if she is Savannah or not.

Here is her picture:

Thanks a ton!
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could be but since they are RARE I would say no... can they give you papers or the name of the breeder ??

Savannahs of reasonable quality are still going for 2500 and above
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unless they can provide papers, she's just a spotted tabby - albeit a very pretty one!
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Just looks like a spotted DSH to me, if she really is a Savannah they should be contacting the breeder before attempting to rehome her themselves as it's in most contracts that they want the cats back if you cannot care for them anymore.
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I don't see any Savannah in there - not the ears, nose nor even head shape!
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Regardless of what she 'is' $100 isnt a bad price to pay for adopting/rescuing a kitty.

I doubt she really is what they say.

She sure is a pretty kitty. I'd take her in a heartbeat if I were you
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I agree with the post above me. She is a really gorgeous kitty!
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She looks like my Meeko with out the red.
Meeko is Tabby.
I would adopt her to get her away from the breeder.
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She doesn't look much like a Savannah to me either, her ears are too small. It's really hard to see her pattern based on the way she is sitting, but for a cat worth $1000, I'd expect a lot more warmth (lighter brown) to her coat and much more contrast (spots stick out more). Right now, it looks like she has a pattern flaw where her spots turn into a stripe near her shoulder. She also seems rather small for a Savannah.

Ask if they have papers for her, for $1000, I'd expect to see some!!
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