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I feel so guilty!

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George needs his nails clipped - something that should have been done a few weeks ago. He HATES having his feet touched so it usually means a trip to Petsmart. He's not found of this either - riding in the car and now strangers are touching his feet!! Tonight a friend offered to clip them for us - me holding George in my arms, her clipping. (I usually hold him this way for clipping) He did not like this AT ALL. Poor thing wiggled around and climbed over me to get away. Pure torture for him!!

He seemed to have calmed down and even had some of his dinner. It wasn't long after that that he threw it all up!! He must have been so stressed - and I feel so bad.

It's been a couple of hours since the "event" - and he seems to have forgiven me - he was snuggling with me a few minutes ago - but I feel like such a bad mom!
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We have the same problem with Tubee, we found that wrapping him in a blanket with one paw at a time sticking out usually works. After words he still hides, but it makes the actual clipping more bearable.

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I have serious problems myself with this. Tigger actually "sticks" to my bedcovers when she walks across them. She absoluetly does not tolerate any holding or clipping of her feet. I guess if I were 130 years old, I would assume that I could have whatever I want, though.
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I think what can help is what "proudmomof3cats" said, and I think you can even give him a treat after you finish... I'm sure it will help a bit.
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We've actually had some success with this this week. I've been just clipping one nail per night. Tigger lies next to me when she's relaxing, so I get my clippers all ready, and pet her for a while and quickly clip one nail. She's not sticking to my covers anymore!
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Fortunately Rosie and Sophie claw the tree or the mat i bought them because they won't let me trim them, especially Rosie! But Jack i've just started trimming because he's forever clawing at the carpet, but he just sits perfectly still Once i've finished he runs off like a shot though
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Poor kitty - it is so stressful for some. When I was volunteering at our local shelter, I used to clip the kitties nails for them. Some of them just hated it.

Luckily for us Bijou doesn't mind having his paws handled, he'll even just sit there and let us hold his paw just like we would hold hands. I got him used to having his paws touched, held and caressed when he was little and I think that helped. Now I can clip his claws without even holding him. He'll be laying on the table and I just sit in the chair, pick up his paw and clip.

I do think it's important that folks get their cats used to having their paws handled when they are just babies.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
I do think it's important that folks get their cats used to having their paws handled when they are just babies.
Without a doubt Linda. I wish i'd done it with the girls, but i'm lucky that they don't claw the carpet like Jack, so i'm pleased i've started doing his now when he's young
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This too is an issue in our home.

Jack must be scruffed to clip his--which even with his scratching need trimmed every 2 weeks.

Harley was scruffed when we adopted him from Petsmart because apparently they never trimmed them there. However he is a calm lap cat, so yesterday I tried trimming them while he layed on my lap while I was on the PC. I got almost all of them done without issues. I have about 3 left to do.

I'm hoping to get Jack more used to it so it doesn't have to be such a process.

Now if only they would stand still while I trim the excess butt fur on them!

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