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Saturday's DT

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Good Morning!!!!!It;s 51* YA! Not much going on today.Anybody doing any thing's good today? lets all say a prayer for our men & women fighting today. God Bless,Be safe.
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I was awakened, at 6:00 a.m. - SOMEBODY, who shall remain nameless, decided that she was starving and proceded to walk up and down my supine body. Then, from the back of the house, I heard "gotta pee" whimpers. Oh well, I needed to go, too.

Switched on the coffee pot and proceded to dish up cat and dog food. I am loved!

Opie and Rowdy were SO cute, last night. They were on the couch, cuddled up, spoon-fashion. Opie had all four paws wrapped around Rowdy. I have NEVER seen them do that before. Guess that they've been watching Bill and me and decided to try it, for themselves. It was too dark, to take a picture and I figured that, if I turned on a light, they'd move.

Shopping, today - we're out of dog food and the people food supply is meager, too. I HATE WalMart, on Saturdays but I can't let Ike and Pearl go hungry!

Have a good weekend.
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Well I was awakened this morning by the lovely sluuuuurrp.....sluuuuuurrrp of Spawn bathing at 7:30 I thought Saturdays were for sleeping in?

Yesterday was not good. I had an algebra exam, but my mind was elsewhere so I don't know how well I did, but I heard from some of the other students that they failed miserably. I'll have to wait until Monday to find out.

Then I took Billie (our rottie) in to the vets to be pts. It was definately time. Spawn has spent the majority of her time since then looking for Billie. She doesn't seem sad yet, just curious. (Billie used to go play with a friend over night sometimes, so it's not like she's ALWAYS been here.) I'm wondering when Spawn will get upset... she keeps checking Billie's bed and food dish and looking out into the back yard. It'll be a healing process for all of us.

Not sure what we're doing today. The S/O will probably go to work, and I will probably stay home and clean. Unless the S/O has other, more fun plans that I can tag along on!

I hope everyone has a good day!
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Still sick *sigh*!

My new best friends are Vicks Nasal Spray, and Nyquil/Dayquil!

And, as I said not too long ago, I'm attempting to teach my cats how to use the toilet to potty in, so that Craig will buy me a new kitty! Well so far, it has been QUITE the adventure. They've managed to knock the litter box off of the toilet 5 times so far, each time spilling a good amount of litter onto the floor! Thank goodness it isn't carpet :laughing:. Our current litterbox is too big to put on the toilet, and they keep knocking it off. So we're gonna hvae to get a new - smaller - litterbox and I'll have to scoop 4+ times a day.

Poor Sebastian, I came home from work the other day and started calling for my babies! (Typically they're sleeping while I'm at work). After about a minute or so I hear this completely pitiful and very sad meow. I look in the bathroom and he knocked the litterbox off of the toilet and was trapped inside of it (I had the lid on the box back then, after that incident I took the lid off). So, there was a huge mess on the bathroom floor, and he has kitty poo all over him too. That was a fun mess to clean up. Ugh!

So, besides being sick and sneezing, sniffling, blowing my nose every 30 seconds, and (yep, I'm picking up the cough *sigh*) coughing, I'm doing pretty good.

Today are the NCAA final four basketball games. Craig and I are rooting for Kansas, so we're going to Chili's later to watch the Kansas - Marquette game, and then then Syracuse and hmm I think Texas game. GO KANSAS!

I think I'll go get some sleep.

Craig was teasing me about how red my nose is:rednose:. It's raw too. I should thwap him a few times for getting me sick, sigh

Hope you guys have a great day! And try not to get sick! Don't know about where you are, but in my area *everyone* is getting sick.
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I'm just waiting for my dad to come home so I can go to the craft store.

Just got home from the library and assigned to two more puppet shows! Whoo hoo! Here's what we're doing (copy and pasted, of course, lol).

Spring Show: May 24, 2003 - Fairy Tale Day
1. The Princess And The Pea
(haven't picked parts yet)
2. Rapunzel
(I'm making and playing Rapunzel's puppet!)

Intermission - Singalong & Set Change (10 mins)

3. The Frog Prince
4. Cinderella

Winter Show: TBA, December 2003 - Winter Wonderland

1. Muppet Christmas Play
(I have to make 2 Muppets and play one Muppet and narrate).
2. "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" Singalong led by Ang and Jenn
3. "Up On The Rooftop" - short puppet play
4. Santa visits.
More to come...

AHHHH! It feels so weird to be planning this so far ahead, but this time we have to make all the puppets and the patterns are very very very complicated (for me, anyway!). I need to find my thimble. It rolled under the couch a while ago, lol (With some help from Sockie Boo). I haven't sewed anything in so long, so this should be interesting. The kids always like it a lot though. I think the "puppet comittee" has just as much fun as the kids do.
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