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Onyx vs Rikki

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caught the two in mock combat

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Per Arlyn's request i got them a "Cat Dancer" toy...hung it up on my door and here they are going to town on it... enjoy...

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I bet they sleep soundly after all that play
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Awww just look at those little muffins!
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Haha...kitty boxing! I love when they stand up and swat at each other like that!

The cat dancer looks like a success as well! I've never tried it! Would it be OK for unsupervised play, or is it like most other hanging toys that could wrap around their neck?
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What the Cat Dancer is a 3 foot length of about 1/4" thick...maybe thinner...metal wire...its got some stiffness and some flex to it as you seen in the video. At the end of the wire is about 5 pieces of rolled/twisted thick paper...like the same paper one would make grocery bags out of...rolled tightly into rolls about twice as thick as the wire and then cut about i'd say 1 1/2" in length and then scewered on the wire at one end so it looks like an appeasing toy for a cat. The Cat Dancer Complete package came with this 1/4" thick sticker of a cat paw with a half split cut into it...the paw is made out of durable fabric that a cat could potentially use as a tiny cat scratcher i would guess...but its made to mount the wire high enough on a surface to dangle the other end to entice the cat.

Arlyn told me about it and i got one. She had to take it away from her cats cause they apparently went nutso over them so much they didn't want to stop...hehe

Its pretty cheap...got it for a few bucks over at Petco.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
I bet they sleep soundly after all that play
Yeah...they slept soundly...woke up this morning with 2 of the three curled up near my legs and the other one near by.

Drove them here this past monday and since then they've turned my apartment into the Feline 500! So far they've not ventured up my drapes yet. Knock on wood.

I purchased them a cat tree the other day off Ebay for a decent price. Hopefully soon they'll take thier energy vertical instead of so much horizontal.

The cat tree i got them is here on eBay.
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Too cute
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