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Baby Wipes

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Could someone tell me if it is safe for a cat to use baby wipes on it or should I just get the wipes for cats?
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Ive been using baby wipes on my kitten since we brought her home, and they have been working out great.
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Thanx, they sure are less expensive
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Yes, I used baby wipes on my cats when they were kittens and it worked like magic... it's lucky they exist...
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I was actually wondering the same thing as I priced the kitty wipes yesterday and was shocked at how expensive they are!

Are there any ingredients to avoid in baby wipes? Will they actually get dirt off fur?
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Baby wipes contain rubbing alcohol, which will dry out the fur. I'm not sure if the ingredients are safe for grooming - meaning ingesting.

I have no idea what is in the kitten wipes.

I bought several packages of cheapo washcloths from Wal*Mart. Get them damp and use like wipes. I use a large plastic shoe box to hold them until I have a load to wash.
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If you use baby wipes you need to get the unscented ones. All the brands I've ever bought are alcohol free too.
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They are the same thing. I make sure to get a non scented baby version.
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