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sad news

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I just needed to tell some other cat lovers about my sad news yesterday. First of all my sister's surgery to have a hysterectomy didn't go as planned so she has to go back in September to have it done. She has endometriosis really bad. Secondly, yesterday my mom had to take a cat that we've had for 16 years to the vet to be put to sleep. She's been around since I was about 7 or 8. I kept her for 3 years or so while I was in college until my mom wanted to have her back.

I live two hours away now so this was on the phone. My mom said she wasn't eating the past week at all or using her litter box. She was also acting really weird, like sleeping in weird places. Every 5 or 10 minutes she would be laying somewhere else in the house until finally she just stayed in my parents closet on saturday and moved from wall to wall in there, changing where she layed. Yesterday she wasn't being responsive. My mom thought she had already died laying in the hallway then she saw she was breathing. She said she picked her up and she was really stiff like she was already almost gone. The cat usually had a really loud purr whenever someone touched her and liked to meow a lot as well but my mom said that she couldn't hardly even meow at all yesterday or purr. She didn't want her to suffer any longer so she decided to go ahead and take her to the vet. The vet told her that Sabrina was having kidney failure. They said that's pretty common in older cats.

I already have a friend that doesn't live to far from my mom say that she found two orange kittens under her dad's house if my mom wanted one but my mom is swearing off cats forever after this incident. She doesn't want to have to go through putting another cat to sleep like that. I don't blame her but hopefully she'll want a cat again in the future. I know nothing makes me happier than a kitty. She's going to go donate the cat litter and food that she has to the local animal shelter for now though.
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i'm sooo sorry for you and your family's loss I hope you take comfort in the fact that your sweet baby is feeling much better playing over the bridge

and I hope things go better for your sister in september
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I´m so sorry about it......
...for your sist...
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Im sorry to hear about that! Both your sister and your kitty! Many good
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Aww, poor Sabrina. But, she had a very happy life with you and your mom and is better off now. Your mom has to go through a grieving process but hopefully after a while she will be willing to open her heart to another kitty.

I hope things go better for your sister in September. Sending lots of good to her!
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I'm so sorry about kitty, 16 is a good life but it is never easy. I also swore off more kitties 2 yrs. ago after losing two sister Persians that were only 10. They died 8 mos. a part and they were my best friends. I swore no more and here I am with two persian sisters again. Hopefully as time passes and your mom heals she will find another fur baby in her life. Hope all goes well for your sister.
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Yep. Been in that boat, right down to the closet thing. Same here kidneys gave out.
Take Care.
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Sorry about your sister being sick and the cat dying. When I lost my first cats I felt the same way but then we found abunch of ferals and i kept one.
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Thanks for the support guys. I hope my sister finally puts all of this behind her in a few months so she won't ever have to deal with it again.
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Originally Posted by calico2222 View Post
Your mom has to go through a grieving process but hopefully after a while she will be willing to open her heart to another kitty.
The same happend to my mum, but we brought her a kitten because we knew she wouldn't say no

I'm so sorry for your loss of Sabrina

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

RIP sweet kitty
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Sorry for your loss, your mum and family have her a good life for 16 years
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RIP little girl.. I went through the same thing a few years ago when my 19 yo Kiki had to be PTS. She had kidney failure too. Rest assured that she had a happy life. So sorry for you loss.
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