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The babies are here!!!

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I am so over-whelmed with joy...if you saw my post in this area about 2 weeks ago and finding a kitten herself that appeared pregnant but was not sure well today it has been confirmed!!!

Short recap, because of picking her up and some odd behavior followed by her salivating, she was put on 10 day home quarantine for possible rabies. That ended here on Sunday the 29th. So Sunday she was let out of the bathroom and into my step sons room that is joined by the bathroom to strech able to see outside etc...

I laid with her for quite a bit on Sunday and last night when I got home. Last night is when I knew she was about ready to give birth. I would lightly place my hand on her belly and could feel the kittens moving around. Because of her size I thought she would only have maybe 2, 3 at the most.

So I am home today, looking for a new job and after I got done I went into the room to check on her...usually as soon as I open the door she is there to great me with a meow. I looked into the bathroom right there and there she was laying in the birthing box I made for her with 3 kittens. It looked like she was done and this is my first time having any pet give birth.

I was just amazed, she was purring and so happy to see me. I petted her a few time congratualated her and from reading up knew she would not leave the box for a bit so placed small amount of food in the box by her head to eat.

Then at 1:10 she had another kitten. At first she did not appear to want to clean the kitten out of the sac, I got scared, came to read what to do quick...very unprepared, because I did not think it would happen this fast. Grabbed rubber gloves and gauze and rushed back in there. But she had cleaned the baby up. Just helped a little get him positioned for a nipple.

I have been leaving her alone for the most part. I have some fleece plankets in the wash right now that I am going to clean up the box here tonight and get them in the nice warm fleece while they lay in there.

She has 3 black and tan tabbys and 1 orange and cream. She looks so happy and for being a kitten herself she is doing great.

Only have a few questions. I know the kittens will start to open their eyes between 5 to 10 days and then fully open them with in the next 3 to 5 days after that. But when do they start to hear?

Also last night when I looked at her nipples they did not appear swollen. How do I know for sure that the kittens are getting milk from her? They are latched on and sucking like they are. She is moving around a lot in the box and when she does one or two will lose the nipple and start to cry. They all appear to be fighting for the same nipple. Is it possible that only one or two of her nipples are producing? That is my big fear right now.

Then with the sacs, I know they are to be born after each birth...I did not see the first 3 so I am guessing she ate them. I know I picked one up out of the box because I read that eating 2 to 3 is plenty any more and she may get sick and throw up etc...and I saw the last one after #4...I am assuming it is not possible to have 2 kittens without passing the sac out inbetween but I am not sure? So any advise on this would be great.

Also how will her belly feel. I felt it her recently and I just want to make sure she has no more kittens in her. I did feel a small lump so is it possible she still might have another even though 3 hours has gone by since the last one?

Thank you everyone for all your advise and help...I will post photos later of the happy momma and kittens.

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Okay after posting and going to check on her again...we now have 5! Now when I feel her belly it is soft...don't feel any lumps.

How soon should I move her and the babies to a clean box?

thank you!!!
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I would love to see Pics. My Coco had on Moving Day in a box in the Laundry in the bath tub. We moved them the same day to a box.
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Congratulations!! How exciting is that. 5 kittens- that's a great number, that's how many I have! What does the 5th baby look like?

Like mews2much, I can't wait to see pictures! I'm sure they're heart meltingly adorable!!

And I must say, that's so sweet that she was purring and happy to see you! I missed out on that- we had a bad, feral, anti-social mommy, so though I had my own joy, I didn't get to share it with her! She is so lucky she found you, and she knows it!!

Unfortunately I am no expert on new borns (I got mine at 8 days old), so I can't answer most of your questions. Though as mews2much said, they should be ok for you to move them just to clean the box, as long as mommy allows it!

As for your other questions:
I thought they started to open their eyes between 8 and 12 days, but I could be wrong! Mine had their eyes fully open anywhere from the same day they started to open to 3 days later. Their ears start to open shortly after that.
You should be able to tell if the kittens are hungry. They will cry a lot if they're hungry. Happy kitties that young are quiet kitties. They'll also try to nurse on everything! At least, that's what mine did, and I did have to supplement them.
Not a clue about the sac, but your logic makes sense!

Now, keep in mind, ALL the info I give above is from my personal, VERY limited experience. If someone who knows better doesn't reply on here soon enough, I recommend googling your questions. Internet is great for that!

Again, congratulations, this is very exciting! And thank you for taking her and her babies in.

And don't forget pictures!!
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Thank you everyone...I am just a nervous

Momma is fine with me picking them up, but if the baby cries she will watch me and sometimes will meow back. I was worried they were not getting any milk from her, but think they have. She just let me way all of them. 2 of them are 3.6 oz, 2 are 3.8 oz and one biggie is 4 oz!!! I read on one of the help links I saw on here that at birth they should weigh between 3 to 3.4 oz so I am really happy at those weights.

I cleaned out the box and put a nice green fleece blanket in the box that they seem to love. I love fleece for how warm and comfy they are.

She is on the move...guessing she is enjoying the few moments of them not needing to feed.

Here are some photos that I got of them.

4 of them are Black and Tan, one with a little orange in it and then the one stray of Orange and Cream. I love it. All my other animals are going crazy, then know what is going on. Specially my momma dog, the only other animal I have that every had a litter. My male cat is passing the hall way to the door like he is the proud poppa, it is too funny. Every time I come out the male cat comes to me like well where is my cigar...too cute. Okay photos now....

I am trying to post them right on the site, but when every I click the link to insert photo it does not give me the option. Sorry but the link to my photo bucket has some photos of them. Enjoy and thank you for all the responces and help!!!
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AAAWWWW! Great job, to both of you!
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the easiest way [imo] to do photobucket pix is to click on the tag under the photobucket pic that starts w/the [IMG] code. that'll copy the print. then just paste the info in your post. you won't see a pic unless you preview the post, but it'll be there.
i recommend resizing the pic to message board size before posting so that it doesn't get eaten by Snax & Chasey.
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She may move them on ya, so don't freak out. If you are in her box too much she may feel funny. If she moves them, if she does leave her be a bit so she knows the babies are safe. Don't worry her milk will come in in the first few hours, just like us. As long as they suck they are pulling the milk ducts to produce. I cliped nails at about 5 weeks, they get long and it hurts when they kneed on her breast. But relax, she is doing the Mamma thing.

I have had 3 litters in my house, sweet little ones.

Best wishes!!
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Thank you laureen227 I am going to try that right now...

Also BelongsToEvie thank you so much!!!

Congrats to you as well mews2much, moving and kittens on the same day...WOW. Congrats!!!

Hope they showed!
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Congrats they are too cute! just watch how fast they grow.
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I would be very careful to keep other animals away, and be very leery of a male cat coming anywhere near the kittens.
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Oh HOW cute they are
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Super cute. The Mom may be older than you think. Lucia is small and I thought she was under a year but she is 2.
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