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Oliver's a kibble crook! (Health Q though)

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I'm posting this in health cuz I do have a question about the health end of this story and not a "hey look what Ollie did" story... but move if needed!

So the set up to my eventual question:
Oliver's food dishes are in my room and the dog (black lab) has an elevated feeding station downstairs in the kitchen.... Oliver has his own water mug in the kitchen as well as his inside grass (he likes the giant soup mugs as extra water dishes - I found one with orange kitties on it ) Up to this day, Oliver has never touched nor been interested in the dog's feeding station. She usually eats Ennova dry kibble (I think it's the senior, she's 14, but I don't have a bag since we dump it in a rubbermaid). Recently however we got a free sample each of the dog and cat versions of Pet Promise dry kibble. I decided to mix it into both of their regular foods since neither have sensitive systems. They both like/eat it, but I've decided it's not for Oliver since it makes him gassy and I think the dog is better off on the Ennova.

Now to the point: today I catch Oliver, paws up on the feeding station, picking out a piece of dog Pet Promise kibble and then eating it! Yeah cute and the dog wasn't around to protest, but I realized I have no idea what the outcome would/could be of Oliver eating dog kibble. He only ate one piece and I told/signed him "no" and removed him from the area.

Both pets are free-fed their kibble - this works best for us all and neither of them are overweight (and at 14 my dog would flip if we moved her food or started a feeding schedule). So my questions are: how bad could an occasional dog kibble piece hurt Oliver? and why all of a sudden did he take interest? and would it help if I offered a small dish of his kibble with his downstairs water? (He has one of those water cooler looking feeder sets upstairs) and Do you think this is just because of the new sample of food and he'll stop when it's back to all Ennova for puppy?

Ok that was winded - I'm done now! Thanks y'all!

Oh PS: Oliver is 6 years old and FIV+ (as far as we know - tests positive, but I got him off the street yet he was very possibly owned before and vaccinated, hence the positive test) but otherwise in perfect health.
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An occasional dog kibble piece wouldn’t be too terribly bad for Oliver, but if he decided that dog kibble tasted much better than his own cat food and started to eat more than just an occasional piece on a daily basis, he would get into trouble. This article explains why:

It might help if you offered a small dish of his kibble with his downstairs water, but he might still continue to help himself to the dog’s kibble anyway.
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Yar just what I need haha

I'm pretty sure we finished up the Pet Promise samples with today's food, so we'll see if he does it again with her regular food - maybe it was just that brand he was interested in... man I hope so.
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