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an idea - tell me what you think

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(I also posted this at the S.O.S forum, I hope you don't mind)

I wanted to do a weekly updates of how many cats were adopted this week in the cat's shelter. If any of you work or volunteer in a shelter, maybe you can post a nice update for how many cats (or even dogs) found a new home this week! Sometimes there are really nice stories involving adoptions.

There are currently 557 cats looking for a home on the Cat's Welfare Society of Israel, and new ones are arriving every day... (people abandon cats there on a daily basis - or brining in kittens they can't look after).

Personally I am very moved every time someone adopts a cat

Today (I just came back) - a wonderful family adopted our ginger lady, which was looking for a home for a couple of months now!!! I was besides myself!

Yesterday a cat named Sharona was adopted - a beautiful Black & White cat, that has a mask like "Zoro"... She's a purry little princess, and I was almost crying to see her go. But it was happy she found a nice home.

Are you interested in hearing more?...
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oooo I like that idea!!!!

I am a sucker for good stories, especially if they make me shed happy tears! Inspiring stories are really great! Excellent Idea, and I, for one, am very interested in hearing more!

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Oh Cassie... I am very much like you on that...

Even on the worst days, you can make me happy with a pet story! I tend to leak (cry) when I see "animal rescue" shows...

I would love to share some heartwarming stories from thw shelter (I will try to spare you from the heartbreaking ones).

Once I get a chance to scan some pictures, I will show them here as well!!!
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I think it's a great idea - something to cheer everyone up. I imagine the current economic situation in Israel has forced a lot of people to give up their pets, so it's good to hear that people are still adopting shelter animals.
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nunny, this is a great idea. It's so nice to hear about rescues. Laurie and Christie (two of our members..Laurie is also a moderator) have a rescue site you might enjoy visiting. You might want to contact Laurie (LDG) about submitting one of your stories. Click here for a link to some of the stories she has published.
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