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Lily is having her babies!

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Well, what a weekend this has been! We moved, thought Lily was going to have them on Saturday, but no. Then this morning, couldn't find her and voila! There were 4 kittens in my daughter's closet on my new carpeting LOL

She's had 6 so far, and I can feel another in there. She is doing such a great job and her babies are all happy and healthy (so far) and they're all nursing. We've had 4 siamese and 2 black ones like Dad, albeit not Devon Rex...they are still pretty moist but I've been helping Lily clean them and cut a couple of cords.

I will post pictures as soon as I find my memory card for my camera LOL. I found the camera, but my card is still in my puter and it's not set up. I am using my daughter's computer right now.

Anyway, thought I would post and let you all know the good news!
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I am glad she didnt have on moving day. My Coco did and I had to leave her at my Dads House until they were 6 weeks.
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Well, she's had 8 now LOL. We've got 4 siamese and 4 black ones, but i think one is a tabby?!?!

I will post pics later when I have my computer set up. It's almost ready, as hubby is putting the new desks together first.

The last baby came out breach, but I was there and helped, but she did the most work. What a great Canada Day!

Pics to come!! I promise! I have some taken, but not loaded yet.
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8 new ones, oh my goodness!!! Welcome little ones! Good job mommy cat and her family helpers Happy Canada Day indeed!
And and about that possible tabby, are we going to see you on Jerry Springer asking who the babydady is, lol.
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Congratulations, look forward to the pics. I use to have a mama cat that insisted on keeping her babies on my bed. My parents would move them outside, and they kept showing up on my bed. We caught mama cat coming down the chimney with a kitten her mouth! We watched her and she'd get a baby, climb the tree by the chimney and slide down with the kitten in her mouth and deposit on my bed then go back for another. They finally let her stay on the bed, she was very determined, and of course I raised such a fuss it just wasn't worth it to them to oppose both of us
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Now we know why she was soooooo BIG. Eight --that is a BIG litter. Congrats and good luck with all of those babies...
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What a good day to have Kittens on. Aces bday is today also and he has the same mom has 2 of my Cats. Iwould love to see Pics.
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8 is a lot hah, I've had 7 but not 8.
That'll be a handful in about 4 weeks
I can't wait to see them, I bet they are sooo gorgeous!
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Ohhhhhhhh! I can't wait to see the kittens, as the father of ours is a Siamese!!! You certainly will have your hands full! 8!! I am hoping our Murphy will only have tops FIVE. =o)
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Yay, for kittens! I have to say ever since I found this board I've been on the lookout for your posts since my little adopted stray is GIANT and I was actually slightly worried about due dates and the like until I saw your huge girl!

This is actually my first post here, originally I was going to post a speculation on what the heck was up with my cat's due date (my vet and I had a giant failure to communicate) but after joining I decided to just call my vet, hahah.

Still, Thank you for your posts and pics because they have GREATLY reassured me about my giant bellied cat. Except that the fact you have 8 worries me! XD (I'm expecting 4-7).

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Congratulations on your huge family! I can't wait to see all your baby blacks and meezers!
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Ok, here's the stats....4 siamese, 3 tabbies...they have very interesting markings too...and one all black...he's the runt...I am going to supplement him tonight wth KMR....he's kinda a weekling in the sense he's not agressive for a nipple.

Ok, as for pics, they will be on in half an hour or so, going to pick up my son from work, then come back and load my pics. I JUST got my puter set up and iinternet on, so I'm here, but no pics just this minute! VERRRRY soon I promise
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