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New Arrivals

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Snougggie had the first at baby at 2 this morning. 2:20 the sibbling arrived. Both appear to be healthy. Snouggie is doing well and making an excellent mommy. She's been out of the crate once and I rubbed her tummy to check for undelivered babies but did not feel any. Vet said at least 3 but we only had two. This makes us a family of 14 kitties. Can't give the color yet as Snouggie is not wanting to let them be seen quite yet. She's keeping one paw over the babies so it makes it very difficult to see color.

We're in celebration mode!!
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Welcome,and be sure to post picture's!
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Oh congratulations Snouggie and to you too of course. Must be very exciting at your place. I glad all is well, and yes please post some pics when you can

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Congratulations to you both! And welcome to the world, to your two new arrivals!
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awww congrats!! can't wait to see some pics!!
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Congrads.I bet there are cute. Please post pictues later.
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That's wonderful!! I'm glad mom and babies are doing well.

I'll move this to the Lounge where we can all share in your excitement.
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That's terrific! Woohoo! :tounge2: Can't wait to see pictures!
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Don't babies always bring out the best of everyone. Congrats, and I know many more happy memories are on the way!!!!!
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