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Cone Head!

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Hehehehe...a couple weeks ago I had to take Hatchet to the vet for an injured leg.And well,he had to wear an E-collar so he wouldn't pick and chew at his leg...hahaha! He was not impressed,as you can see in these pics.

He actually still has to wear it,but he is used to it now and it isn't bothering him.

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Awww poor baby
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Poor Hatchet! Hope his leg recovers soon

I remember a funny story. My neighbour's Golden Retriever got fixed, so had to wear an e-collar for a while. During that time, he couldn't make out the direction of sound at all. Used to tease him by standing somewhere behind him and calling his name. He'd look around for a bit before figuring out I was behind him ... Yeah I'm a meanie
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When I first brough Hatchet back from the vet,me and my sister laughed at him for the longest time because he was walking backwards and everything! He is used to it now tho and is recovering quite well now.He has cream for his leg and is on pills.
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Tab had to wear one of those when she had stitches in her neck. The poor little thing couldn't walk properly - it kept dragging on the floor and she bumped into everything. In the end we took it off cuz the stitches couldn't be bitten and the vet put bandages on her back legs so they couldn't be scratched at.

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Awwwww they look so helpless in them don't they
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Our sweeties always look so puzzled with they first get their e-collars.
I had a kitty that would walk into a wall and keep attempting to move forward...
he did not have a reverse in that collar.
a necessary evil.

Sending quick healing vibes for handsome Hatchet.
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Heh.Unfortunatly he has to wear it.I took it off and he immediatly started picking at his leg.Unfortunatly it is on till he's healed!

Thank you.
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poor Hatchett..he needs a big hug!
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