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Vibes needed for lost kitty

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Hi all,

I am absolutely heartsick. On Friday, one of my most beloved foster cats found his forever home. I was thrilled as the adopter was a very loving cat person. Yesterday I got a call from her that in the night he had pushed out the bedroom screen in the room he was in and had escaped. I can't describe how sick I feel, he was a really sorry case when I took him in and for 3 months I gave him so much loving care and he had just blossomed into a wonderful cat.

I'm asking for good vibes that Waggles will be found safe and sound. We put up posters and I put an ad in the lost and found. We also sent a photo to the local animal control (which is where we found him in the first place) so they can watch for him. Is there anything else we can do? If I had known this would happen I would never have given him up. I'm desperately trying to look for a bright light but I have done nothing but cry and worry for the past 24 hours.

Thanks for listening
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He may be trying to get back to you. I rescued a mama cat once, and she always came back after I rehomed her. She was pregnant twice when she came back, so I just let her stay. I think Fred was one of hers. She finally went back where she belonged and was spayed. She stayed at her new home after that. I guess she did not trust the new people with her kittens, even though they adored her and were good to her. Just a little misinformed on the whole spaying thing, as I was at the time about neutered males.
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Sending many prayers for Waggles' safe return home.
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Waggles come home!
Get a flashlight and look under nearby porches and houses. They tend to stay close.
They should put his scent around the yard so that he recognizes where he needs to be.
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sending "come home Waggles" & plus a couple of hopefully helpful links!
finding your lost cat
how to find a lost cat

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Any news on Waggles?
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Waggles is back!!

After a horrible week of worrying, our little boy is back with me. I had put up many flyers on posts and delivered them door to door in the area. Then someone in our rescue group suggested I talk to a pet communicator. I'm generally a skeptic but I was willing to try anything. What she does is look at a picture and she can tell what the animal is seeing and experiencing from their perspective. She has told people things about their pets there's no way she could have known. She looked as Waggles and said he hadn't gone far and she saw a lot of brown colour in a dimly lit place. She also told me to use one particular photo on the flyers (which I hadn't) and tell people to look under decks and porches and in sheds. The skeptic in me says she could have said all that without communicating with him but it was still good advice. So we made up more posters with that photo and plastered the neighbourhood.

Yesterday evening around 9 we got a phone call that someone thought it was him sitting on their front porch. We raced over and sure enough there he was , just sitting there, with the kind lady petting him. I bawled my eyes out and hugged him. He's filthy and tangled but otherwise appears to be fine. The gentleman was holding one of our flyers and said it was that picture that caught his eye and he knew it was Waggles. He also said the flyer had been right in front of their house.

I haven't decided yet what to do about the adoption. The person who took him in was very nice but right now I'm afraid to let him out of my sight.

THANK YOU so much for all the vibes and prayers, I know they helped. If I learned anything from this it was to put up lots and lots of flyers and get the best picture you can. Here's the photo:

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Originally Posted by spookzilla View Post

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He is one handsome man. I am so glad you found him. Your heart must have soared.
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post
He is one handsome man. I am so glad you found him. Your heart must have soared.
I honestly cannot think of another moment in my life when I have experienced more pure heartfelt joy

We have decided that he is best staying with me for now. The adopter didn't question our decision. He had a herpes flare up from the stress but he's eating and his spirits are good . I've been giving him lysine in his food so we're optimistic he'll be ok. He's back in his favourite window and I almost cry whenever I look at him sleeping peacefully.

The kind older couple who found him didn't want to take a reward but I wanted to do something for them. I found a Willow Tree figurine of an angel holding a cat in her lap. I dropped it at their house with a card that read "thank you for being Waggles' angel". I hope they liked it, I will be eternally grateful to them
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I am just seeing this, but I am so glad you got your handsome boy back What a nice gesture to the couple that found him
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