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The Daily Post July 1, 2008

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Hello everyone!!

Its starting off cool and sunny with high of 86F and no humidity

Have to work at a clients at 8 am so I have a few minutes here.

Hip is still stiff guess I'll have to learn to live with it for the time being.

Its Bakker's birthday (he is 4!)

Had an upset stomach Sun night through last night-ok now and slept pretty good too!!

All for now-Happy Canada Day!!
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Happy Canada Day everyone!!

I have the day off today, so I was up at 7am and now I'm doing my laundry! Soon, I'll be doing the dishes and going to the mall to buy hair conditioner.
I sure know how to celebrate my country's birthday, huh?

Unfortunately for me (and him), my boyfriend works today until 5pm. But after he finishes work, we will probably head out to the Jazz festival to have a picnic there.
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Happy Birthday Bakker!

And Happy Canada Day!

Today is not starting out well for me... Weather is disgusting. No other word for it! It's cold, about 50, and thick fog / smog / smoke. The sun should have been rising while I drove to work but you couldn't see it. It's depressing and my allergies are TERRIBLE (I blame the smoke, not the SEVEN cats I'm allergic to in my house! ).

Then, to top it all off, because it's been so cold, our clothes didn't dry last night, and I washed the clothes my husband and I wanted to wear. So, we decided to throw them in the dryer for a few mins so we could wear them- the dryer is broken!! We just used it last week, and it was fine. No warning, nothing, it just wouldn't beep today.

But, I don't like sounding depressing! So on to other stuff. Day didn't start well, so it must end well, right?

Work is pretty normal, nothing too exciting going on. It is the first so I have a lot of rent to collect! It's always kind of fun handling that much money.

Kitties are all good today. Fell asleep with the little ones last night! Since they're one month now, don't get much cuddling anymore, but the five of them were all asleep on me. Davy Jones is funny- he was nesting in my hair! Including kneeding my head- what a nice little massage!

Evie was cuddly this morning, and not as playful as some mornings. I think the smoke is getting her, too! If nothing else, I haven't been letting her play outside because of it.

Happy Tuesday all!
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Morning All!!!

Beautiful Sunny Day here.

Off work due to the holiday so am enjoying a leisurely morning of hanging out with the cats..

Nothing special planned for the day, maybe take a walk down to the waterfront later to see what Canada Activities they've got going. Will of coarse be watching the fireworks tonight, I have a perfect view of them from my back deck.

The kitties are great today, seem to enjoy having some extra cuddles and such this morning but now are having their mid-morning nap..

Everyone have a great day
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Afternoon peeps!

Today is the hottest day of the year over here, and I hate it. Earlier this morning was the worst, not a cloud in the sky and everyone was complaining that it was too hot. Now it's gone cooler and tonight is supposed to be rainy and thundery.

Anyway today I've been at my nans house, then went shopping for my friend and my 2 cousins' birthday presents. Then I came home, played with Mitzi (who was also hot and bothered so it didn't last for long) and that's about it!

Enjoy the rest of your day!
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Happy Canada Day. I love days off with pay.

I am just having lunch and then I am heading to Brantford to go see Theory of a Deadman tonight. We are going with some family friends and are going to ask them to marry us (they are ministers). They already know that question is coming though.
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Happy Canada DAY!!

I had a fantastic weekend with Josh, and we are officially betrothed! I cannot wait to marry him..the distance is really getting to me everytime I see him, it gets worse.

Travelled all day today, so no fun Canada Day celebrations this year for me.

I hope you all had a lovely day though
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