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Penny was a sweet & preety little calico girl that came to our shelter just over a month ago. She had been living at a local homeless shelter and the men there loved taking care of her. Unfortunately, the department of health said they had to get rid of her. Our shelter took her in, and had her tested. She unfortunately came up positive for Feline Lukemia. We wanted to wait a month & have her retested. Despite a mild URI, she was eating a seemed to be doing well. We had lined up a home for her with some wonderful people who had previous experience with FeLuk. Then a little over a week ago, just before she was supposed to go home, she took a turn for the worse. She stopped eating or drinking and rapidly started losing weight. The director took her home hoping to get her to come back around. We all tried telling her she had a wonderful home waiting for her, she just needed to fight a little bit. Alas, she had no fight left in her. By the end of last week blood tests confirmed our suspicions, she was in Liver failure. We decided to give her the weekend, just to be sure. By Sunday I got my first call asking for approval to end Penny's misery (I'm on the board and 3 board memebers must approve euthenasia for a cat). I asked what was going on and was told that she was now crying out in pain each time she was touched. I gave my approval. So yesterday, Penny was sent lovingly over the bridge.

R.I.P. beautiful girl. I am sorry we couldn't do more.
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Poor girl You didn't let her suffer and that's the main thing

RIP Penny, and play happily at the bridge now your fit and healthy again

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RIP sweet Penny.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Poor girl You didn't let her suffer and that's the main thing

RIP Penny, and play happily at the bridge now your fit and healthy again

It was very hard for me to say yes. I have never had to take one of these calls before. Since I've been on the board this is only the 2nd cat we have had to put down. The other was a beautiful grey girl who was FIV positive & extreemly enimic. I was prepared to give the OK for that one too, but other people said yes first. As hard as it was, it is good to know that she is at peache now.
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RIP Penny.
You brought joy into the lives of people who see very little of that. The people you have touched will think of you and smile every day for the true you are.
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RIP sweet Penny You certainly did the right thing by putting her out of her pain. She's a happy kitty over the RB now, and when the time is right, you may just see her again
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Rest In Peace, Penny

Bless you for making the right decision, even though I know first hand how hard it is to make that decision and bless those Men at the shelter for taking such good care of her.
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So sorry about the Cat.
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Rest in Peace Penny.
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R.I.P. Penny.

Hugs to you and everyone who took such care of her (including the men at the shelter). She had known love until the end and is now at the RB watching over you all.
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at least she knew love & caring for her last days here with us.
for Penny - run fast & free, happy & healthy!
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That brought tears to my eyes
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im sorry to hear this, its always a very hard descision to put an animal down but sometimes it s the only option to prevent unessicary suffering, its a burden we humans have to bear because we have the knowledge to realise when there is not hope for survival, rest assured that you made the best and most compassionate decission for that little cat.
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Rest in Peace
Jess x
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poor baby play happy on the other side of the bridge and RIP
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Rest in peace sweet Penny.
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Fly swiftly over RB, dear little Penny - you are safe now, forever healthy and free, and those special beams of light that you scamper after so gaily are the rays of love that shine up to you from those dear angels here on Earth who so desperately tried to save your life.
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RIP Penny.

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you did everything you could (((( Hugs ))))
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RIP to Penny...
She´s resting over the rainbow now,...
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