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Chase, the noface cat. Amazing

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This is really hard for me to look at. I don't know how I'd handle it. This cat had an accident at 4 weeks old (is 3 years now), but the loving owners just simply learned to live with it. The cat literally has no face.

This is a testament to loving people, and the girl writes nicely on the blog.

I'm not going to post a picture from it, because you should be warned, it's not easy to look at. BUT. they say the cat is completely healed, she just doesn't have a face. Well, sort of. You'll see.

I wish everyone could be as happy about abnormalities as these people are.
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Oh my God that poor little cat It just doesn't seem real. I have no idea how I'd cope, either. It's so touching, too, and those people are so loving

However, I'm really angry at the people who left those nasty comments!
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Aww the poor little sweetie! Stories like this so touch my heart. I wonder how many children (and adults) she has helped come out of their shell after a disfiguring accident in her work as a therapy animal and in her blog. Her owners should be given every award in the book for not giving up on her and then going on to help countless others, restores my faith in mankind. Thank you so much for posting this.
PS. I dig her summer "do", love the puff ball tail, lol.
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Oh my word, those owners are certainly dedicated to looking after that poor baby, and i applaud them for it

What a little beauty she is despite her disfigurement
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Awwww the first few pictures of Chase made me tear. Such a poor little sweetie! She must be a stout-hearted kitty to get through that accident, I noticed she's missing a hind leg as well. But I'm so glad her family didn't give up on her after that accident... They are really great folks
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What wonderful humans, really restores my faith after hearing about so many people dumping their perfectly beautiful cats for no good reason.
Chase is one strong "furry willed" kitty.
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I can hardly imagine the dedication of these people.

However, they know the cat and its personality. We see the injury; they see the cat.
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Wow, I had a mixed reaction. I'm thinking, awww poor Chase, but yet he has a good life with awesome owners. That makes me happy. He is a very special and unique cat.
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I think this cat is another wonderful testiment to how much animals can help people heal emotionally.
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yup that's a great point. fortunately for this kitty cats aren't self aware so once he got over the pain and discomfort I'm sure he learned to be happy. But it takes someone very dedicated to give the little guy drops and medicine all the time like that.
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other than Chase's appearance being different - seems like there might be issues w/germs entering the nasal cavity... they are very dedicated owners [as are all owners of our 'special needs' cats!].
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