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Thank You Marilyn

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Our week with Marilyn went by so quickly! Looking over the forum, I love seeing all the various litter box related questions that were covered (no pun intended)!

Thank you so much Marilyn, for sharing your expertise here with us on TCS! I really hope we'll be seeing you here with us again as our guest expert in similar forums in the future.

Please, no more new threads in the forum - thank you.

Please join me in thanking Marilyn in this thread.
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Thank you, Marilyn, for stopping in to help everyone!

And thank you Anne, for arranging these expert visits!
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Thank you very much, Marilyn!
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Thank you everyone!
It was fun. Everyone asked really good questions. Litter box issues is the most common cat behavior challenge that I see.
I am going to be teaching a telecourse on introducing a new cat to the resident cat on July 16th from 8:00-9:30 CT. It will be offered through Raising Canine.
Here's the link:

Thank you again,
Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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Gus hasn't had a poo out of the box all thank you!!
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Thanks for all your help!

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Many thanks for all your help. I know the threads here will help many members new and old
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Thank you Marilyn...
we will be referring back to your posts for a long time to come.
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Thank you for being available to answer everyone's questions! It will be great to have all your answers as a resource here!
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Thank You for coming.
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I am closing this forum for new posting. All of these wonderful posts will still be here with us in the expert forums archives. Thank you once more, Marilyn!
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