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Older Cat Behaving Badly Toward Younger Kitty!

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Hi folks, my friend's dad has 2 cats, Krystal was the first cat, whom he's had for a number of years ( I dont' quite know how long). He got his second kitty Honey last year, which means both kitties have been coexisting for about 1 year. He's written an email asking for help because Krystal still isn't being nice to Honey.

Here's a picture of both cats on their cat tree. While both cats love it, Krystal gets upset if Honey is in the tree with her. Krystal seems to think of the cat tree as "her" personal property and will sometimes attack Honey and chase her away.

Any advice on how my friend's dad can improve the relationship between his two kitties?

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If this tree was in the house before the second kitty arrived then I'd say that getting rid of this tree and getting a new one might be the answer. That way the tree never belonged to the first one. Cats are territorial. Hope this helps.
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Hmmm not really. The cat tree is newly bought. Neither of the cats had prior claim to it...
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I've been there and in my experience the cats settle it among themselves. Honey does not seem too intimidated by Krystal or we would never see that picture.
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Maybe try some feliway spray on the tree and have a plug in running too. Add some Rescue Remedy to their water to help them both relax.
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OK I'll get my friend's dad to try Feliway. Honey isn't extremely affected by Krystal, perhaps she's just not the timid sort... Krystal is definitely the bullying sort though Thanks for all your advice!
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I've got a similar situation going on with my cats (and they are mother and daughter!). Mom is always attacking the younger cat and hissing at her. Sometimes she runs her off the cat tree or chases her out of a room or off the bed. I've tried everything, including Feliway, but nothing seemed to work.

I finally decided to accept that this is just part of how they interact with each other (sometimes they seem to get along fine). It's sort of like my kids....oftentimes they'll fight like cats and dogs, but deep down they really love each other and the bickering is often just part of a power play and adds some excitement to their otherwise routine lives. Unless one of them is hurting the other, I wouldn't worry about it.
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Cool I'll pass the message Thanks!
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