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Cat Having Seizures

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Hello everyone, just registered to offer some advice for anyone who's cat is having seizures.

Our youngest cat, Otis, has been having seizures since March of this year, it's a terrible terrible thing to watch. Luckily, it seems that no permanent harm has been done (knock on wood). We brought him to the vet and got every test done (except for the absurdly expensive MRI and Catscan) and he passed everything with flying colors. The vet wrote it off as epilepsy, and told us that it possibly could be a brain tumor (knock on wood) but without the $2000 MRI there's no way to know. After reading horror stories about some of the effects of epilepsy meds, we decided to instead go home and discard pretty much every plant we had just in case he was eating them, dust really well (apparently this can cause seizures) and research any and all possible household items that can be toxic to cats.

So a few months passed, and he would have them on and off...mostly mild and only lasting about 30 seconds to a minute. We have to grab him immediately and hold him while it's happening so he doesn't hurt himself on anything, and just endure any scratches that he may cause, and of course just deal with him peeing all over us while it happens.

But something dawned on me the other night...for about a year, we've been using those black and decker plugin pest control units in most areas of our apartment to stop roaches, and they seemed to work. It says right there on the packaging that they're safe for pets, so we never really thought twice about it. On a hunch on evening, I just happened to look up the average hearing range of the typical house cat. It ranges from 45hz (the lowest humans can hear is anywhere between 50-60hz) to about 80Khz (humans can hear about as high as 22khz)...so their range of hearing is almost four times higher than our own. I then suspiciously looked up what frequencies that the pest control units emit. My suspicions were correct, they emit constant ultrasonic sound from 24khz up to 70khz...right in the range of cats hearing!!

Needless to say I was PISSED, and immediately unplugged all of the things from our walls. How can this possibly be safe for cats, or any animals for that matter?? Are they to have us believe that their product somehow magically emits 105db of sound in middle of the cat's range of hearing and that somehow they won't hear it???

And another thing, 105db is LOUD. About as loud as if you were standing in front of your average rock and roll band playing a live show. So that much ultrasound constantly, 24/7 in all areas of the house for a year straight. Unreal.

So it's been two days since I unplugged them and Otis has been fine (knock on wood)

Anybody have any similar experiences?
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well as a human with a epileptic type condition YEAH weird things can trigger /....

I am glad you hopefully have figured it out .. and Welcome to TCS
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I am not one to encourage lawsuits but in this case these people need to be stopped. All of that money and fear because they lied on their boxes. How many pets have been harmed? How many maybe euthanized?
Your poor kitty. That must have been like torment for him.

I have a breeder friend who I have talked about on here before. She ordered a bouquet of flowers from a florist and specifically asked to have one that was safe for cats. She told them the flowers she didn't want in there and the florist assured her over and over that he was an expert and knew exactly what flowers to use. He put tons of lilies in it and she was no flower expert so she did not recognize them.
Her cat that she kept as a pet that she loved to pieces, ate some lilies and died. She rushed him to the ER and it was awful. She did sue the florist and at least got her vet bills paid. She wasn't interested in getting rich but she did want her bills paid and to make sure they never ever did that to someone else again.

They should not have put a lie on the box that they had not even bothered to research.
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