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Khi's issues, please help!!!

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Hey everyone!!

As maybe some of you know, I am new to this so I'm getting the hang of everything!! But I've been needing someone to ask and talk to about this. My baby girl, Khi, is about 5 months old on the 3rd of July and she's having problems. Problems such as hiding all of the time under the couch and then my boyfriend has to go after her and pull her by the tail. She's always laying around and i feel like shes being left out. She definatley hates my boyfriend because whenever he walks near her, she shuts away kinda like a turtle in its shell and she hisses at him a lot. She loves me tho. She's a huge attention feind and she doesn't' like to give kisses like Jellow.

I'm not so sure. I've contemplated on getting rid of her, but I couldn't even bare it. She's stunning and I adore her. I love them both so much!

But, can someone please let me know what is going on with her? Somedays, she just won't eat at all and I feel like she's so depressed.


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Well,first of all try not to pull them out by there tail. From my experience cats don't like their tails touched/stepped on it seems to scare them. (If you didn't mean that literally just ignore this)

Second, don't give up quickly. Try to have your boyfriend give her her favorite treats, or toys. Make sure he doesn't grab at her or hold her by him because that will just scare her more. Take small steps, bonds don't always form quickly and cats don't gain trust very quickly always especially if something happen when your boyfriend was around and she associated it with him.

Third, Is she scared around everyone or just him? If she is always depressed you will want to see a vet and make sure there is nothing serious going on.

Good luck! And don't give up!


Edit: sorry forgot about the food thing, Are their certain times she won't eat, or certain kinds of food? It could be she is picky, or maybe something is wrong with her teeth/gums and she might need a vet, there are many possibilities. If it keeps happening you should bring her to the vet and see what he says.
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i've just got to say - if a big giant was pulling me out from under my safe hiding place by my sensitive tail, i'd hiss at him, too!
my Chip, when i adopted him, wouldn't let ANYONE touch him past the shoulders - he'd hiss & attempt to bite that hand.
after living w/me for 2 years, i can now do this... i'm sure he was tail-pulled in the past.
tail-pulling can lead to many serious health problems. please make sure he stops doing this, for your Khi's sake.
Welcome to TCS!
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You will have to talk to your boyfriend about the proper way of handling cats. Tail pulling is
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First of all a vet check is in order if she is not eating and seems depressed or lethargic.

After that it's always good to remember that when you force a cat to do something it does not want to do, it often leaves a lasting impression. As other posters have pointed out, pulling the cat out from under something by the tail is bad. Actually I would not even pull the cat out at all unless it was under emergency circumstances. I would just leave her be.

If she is scared of your boyfriend then you need to make sure ALL interatctions with him are either uneventful or pleasent. NEVER negative. Get her use to him just being in her visual. Coax her out with canned cat food or her favorite treat while he's in the room. Have him pay ZERO attention to her. Not even eye contact. Continue this for as long as you have to and when it seems she is getting less and less afraid you can try maybe doing the same thing only with him sitting next to you. Still ignoring her of course. Keep taking baby steps until eventually he is coaxing her out and is able to pet her.

Always remember not to allow anything frightening to happen with him around while getting her use to him. Even if the frightening event has nothing to do with your bf your cat may still associate that with him. Of course sometimes things happen (loud noises ect.) that you cannot control, but try to be really observant about the surroundings and immediately take care of anything you think might scare her before it actually does.

Most importantly give it time and patience. Sometimes it can take months to see results, other times just days. However, by working with the cat on the cat's OWN terms and not yours, I promise you will see much better results. I do hope this helps some.
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Just let her be when she runs under something - she's doing it because something scared her and wants to feel safe. When you force her out, she has no safe place at all, so of course she's going to act strange (or whatever you want to call it). Your boyfriend should not wear heavy boots around either - to a cat, it's like big noisy boulders are about to fall on her, plus who knows what smells they picked up from outside. Cats' worlds are so different from ours, and much more sensitive to lots of things, so we have to treat them carefully, and not roughly, plus it hurts them to have their tails pulled! Treat her gently, don't expect her to be a puppy or something she's not... and let her have her safe places when she needs them, so she won't feel so afraid (after a while) to come out again.
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