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Anyone with IT band pain

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I have had a pain by my right hip area off and on (mainly on) for the past week.
I called my sister (ex-coach) and she said it is IT band (Iliotibial)as she said she can have the pain for months!! She also said my tight hamstrings don't help!! I looked up on internet and found some stretches but I it seems to be something that takes a long time to heal/fix. No pain in knee which is where most have the pain. But this is also the same side of my body that I have the big toe with the frozen joint so I hope this isn't related as the podiatrist several yrs ago I could have problems. Anti-inflamitory drugs/soaking in hot tub doesn't effect this.
Its livable for the time being-just gets stiff!! Well one more round of stretches yet tonite.
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It's going to HURT... best way to massage it is to get 2 tennis balls, tape them together so they're side by side, then lie on your side so you're lying on the tennis balls, and roll up and down on the tennis balls with your ITB. It gives your ITB a REALLY good massage. You can use a bottle, if it's a good solid one.

Otherwise go see a massage therapist.

Edit: Here's a pic I found showing how to do the tennis ball massage
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If you have someone that could knead it with moderately firm pressure, that would help. That is what I would do for a massage client. Just knead it like you would a wad of bread dough You can actually do it yourself, use a good lotion. They could also compress it with the heel of the hand and moderately firm pressure. Stretches can also be beneficial if you are up to it. If you have ever used a product called Biofreeze, it it the stuff. It us a medical grade pain rub that works wonders. Most pharmacies and massage therapists sell it.
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I remember my sis mentioning rolling on something-I'll have to email her tomorrow on this.
Cripes I'm like an old lady getting off a sofa, chair or bed!!
Thanks for the info!!
I do have a person I can contact for a massage-might be time!!
btw is riding my bicycle going to make it worse???
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Frozen toe? What is that exactly?

I don't know if this would help - but I had terrible hip pain for 4-5 mns. Never have had hip pain like that before (it seemed deeply imbedded and not cause by the norm overuse and/or injury). Turns out I needed a new mattress. Got one, and in less than weeks the pain disappeared.

I never would have thought a mattress could do that (no experience).
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We flip our mattress over every six months!! I'm a twin and describing the pain to my sis-we have it in the same spot!!
And frozen toe. In 1998 I had minor surgery to remove bone spurs on and between my right big toe. I developed scar tissue and have limited flexibility by my big toe. The last stop at the podiatrist recommended joint replacement. Cannot wear most high heeled shoes over 2" due to that inflexiablity!
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