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Cuddles has pneumonia  

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Cuddles was so excited about some canned food yesterday that he inhaled his food, literally. He took two bites and then stepped back sort of gagging. I thought he was about to puke, but he never puked. He just breathed funny and seemed uncomfortable. When I couldn't stand it anymore, I took him to the emergency vet in the middle of the night and they did xrays. He has cloudy lungs. I took him to my vet this morning and the vet prescribed antibiotics. The ER vet said the only cure for aspiration pneumonia is antibiotics and time. How much time? He is still breathing funny and won't eat or drink. He has had one antibiotic injection at the vet and I gave him a dose of the stuff they prescribed at home. He's supposed to go back in on Thursday. Has anyone had a situation like this before? Did the kitten get better, and if so how long did it take? I hate to see him like this and I worry about his chances. I always worry about Cuddles!
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no experience or suggestions - just sending 'get well' & for Cuddles!
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Thank you. He needs them. He did start eating again just now, after more than 24 hours with no food or water. I tried to get him to eat kibble, treats, canned food. I was trying to avoid the canned food because that was how he aspirated before, but I gave his mom some and he came over and started eating a little bit. He's eating a pate style food now. What he aspirated on was chunks in gravy. He breathed in some of the gravy. I think if he feels well enough to eat a little bit tonight, then he has a good chance. He still has labored brathing, but he purrs at me when I pet him

I think it's good that he's eating a little of the wet food, because I was also worried about dehydration. He hasn't been interested in the water bowl.

His gums and tongue are pink, not blue. His skin bounces back when pinched. It looks like he's in pretty good shape except for the labored breathing. He's trying, bless his little

If he makes it through this. I have to keep him. He's become my little project and I him.
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I'm bumping this up in case someone has any advice. If not, I will soon be the expert on aspiration pneumonia. He is going into his second day of wheezing, but I've managed to get another dose of antibiotic into him this morning. I'm just crossing my fingers and toes.
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Cuddles died this morning.
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Oh I am so so so sorry. RIP.
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Thank you. I miss him, but I'm getting a necropsy done. I need to know exactly what happened, for the sake of my other cats and my peace of mind.
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(((((((((HUGS)))))))))0 I am soooooo sorry.
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so sorry...
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I will now close this thread.

Please pay your respects in Cuddles' Rainbow Bridge thread:

RIP Cuddles.
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