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Vomiting, trembling, quick breathing...

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I just got a new kitten from a friend yesterday. She's only a few months old and was found with her three brothers in a box on the roadside. Like her siblings, she's been perfectly healthy, and has been up until today.

Like it says in the title, she's been shaking and throwing up (the first time was food, the second just saliva), and she's been asleep practically all day (a silly thing to worry about in a cat, but maybe worth mentioning), breathing rather quickly. She also seems to be salivating slightly, and while she doesn't seem to have diarreah, her backside looks a little dirty. Other than that, however, she seems fine. She's been eating and going to the bathroom regularly as far as I know, and has been drinking plenty of water.

Do any of these symptoms match anything I should be worried about? Could this be the result of changing homes, or possibly something worse?
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I would go to the Vet. My Stormy had saliva coming out of her mouth and she fell over. Her kidneys were gone and I lost her.
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She could have injested (or been intionaly fed) some sort of poison or toxin. The effects do not always appear immediatly. Get her to a vet ASAP.

Edit- I did not mean to infer your friend did anthing, were the kittens found yesterday?
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Vet and pronto! that she is fine.
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Originally Posted by Trillcat View Post
She could have injested (or been intentionally fed) some sort of poison or toxin. The effects do not always appear immediatly. Get her to a vet ASAP.
definitely see a vet - sooner rather than later! oh, & come back & update us, too!
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Thanks for the advice. I'm taking her in first thing tomorrow.

Trillcat - My friend found them a few weeks ago, and his house is a good environment for cats in every sense, so I doubt she could have come in contact with anything poisonous. Also, the others are still fine.

I've been reading around on the vomiting thing, and I read that it's probably due to dehydration, so I'm making sure she gets plenty of water. But is there anything else I should be doing between now and tomorrow? Should I just let her sleep?
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You can check if its dehydration by taking a pinch of skin on her back, not too hard, and pulling it back a bit. If it goes back into place rather fast thats normal, if it just stays there in a pinch thats a sign of dehydration. Now that could mean a lot of things but the saliva drooling and lethargy has me a bit worried so I would keep a very, very close eye on her. If her salive output increases, If she start drinking more and more, but she stops peeing, vomiting more, any signs she in in crisis get her to an ER vet.
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Fortunately, her salivating seems to have stopped for now, as well as her shaking. She's still lying down, though, but I can tell she's not really tired.
She'll get up and walk around normally every so often, but lies back down after a few minutes.

Now she's not hungry, even though she's barely eaten today as far as I know. She didn't want to drink from her bowl either, but when I put a spoon of water in front of her she took a drink. Should I try feeding her something soft, or will that just make her throw up again?
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If I had to equate her smyptoms with a humam it sounds like a drug overdose reaction. Is anyone around your house takeing any cold meds that may have been left out by accident, or a bottle the kittly might have played with while you all were asleep? it takes a supprising little to make a young cat sick.
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Well, I'm not sure what it was exactly, but after a full day of sleeping and throwing up, she seems perfectly fine now. She's been playing around all day and doing all that normal kitten stuff. I'm still taking her to the vet either way, though. I don't want to take any chances.
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So glad ro hear shes is doing better! It does still sounnd like she had a bad reaction to something she injested. Like children they can get into to stuff that despite our best attempt we try to keep them out of. it also could have been an allergic reaction to something as simple as a farbric softner. the vet will let you know. Keep us posted!
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