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Rosie went to the bridge peacefully this evening. She came to me 3 months ago when her owners were emigrating, not many rescues round her take on older cats, so I agreed to take her on, but the idea was to rehome her. She had to go to the vets the day after she came due to diarrhea, and I suspected kidney failure then, but she was so bloated due to the diarrhea we couldnt tell. I gave her a couple of weeks, then started to try and get a urine sample out of her, but she didn't want to do that, so after a week of trying, we gave up and had her bloodtested, which confirmed my suspicions. AT this point, I Really didn't know what to do, as she wasn't fully happy here, but we couldnt rehome her, so the decision was made to let her have some outdoor access, and whatever she wanted to eat, I honestly thought she would only have a couple of weeks then, I just didn't want to let her go while she was eating well. Teh outdoor access turned her round, and I was really pleased, I thought we might be able to get the summer with her. 5 weeks ago, she was diagnosed with arthritis in her back knees, but we were restricted as to what we could use due to her CRF, so we tried some supplements, which fortunately she ate. 2 weeks ago, she started limping on her front right leg, so she had to go back to the vet, who confirmed she had arthritis in that shoulder too, and also had a low temp, and her belly was still really bloated. We tried abs over the weekend, but no joy, so she had further bloods - she had stopped willingly drinking by this point, so I was doing alsorts to get water into her. Bloods showed that her kidneys were a bit worse, but her globulin was very high, so some kind of infection going on somewhere, so yet more ab's and appetite stimulants - the poor baby hated being pilled, yet had so many in the three months she was here. She seemed to perk up back end of last week, but then went down again, so I decided to let her go, and be free from whatever ailments she had. My only regret with her is not getting her owners to bloodtest her first, as they thought she was perfectly healthy. RIP little one, I did my best for you.
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RIP Rosie

You did so much for her, Des, but sometimes it's just not enough. Play free from pain and sickness, Rosie!!
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Thanks Katie, at least she got a home life, which she might not have had with some of hte other rescues (and most here wont take anything over the age of 10).
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So sorry about Rosie. I had to do the same thing with Striipe when she went ina Coma from her Crf.
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sorry to hear Rosie lost her battle... at least she's happy & pain-free, now, chasing & over the bridge.
for sweet Rosie
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RIP Rosie, I'm sure aside from being pilled, she had a great last three months with you
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So sorry to read this. I know you made great strides with her in your short time together.

Play happy and free, Rosie.
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I'm sorry to hear about Rosie. RIP pretty girl.
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I was afraid there would be a thread for Rosie here all too soon.

Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge Rosie.

Des, know you did everything you could for her. No one else would take on a cat like her, or would've likely euthanized her awhile ago.
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Thanks everyone, it means a lot.

Nat, that is what the vet said - she has to lie to one of the local rescues to get them to take on anything over the age of 8, and the last oldie has been adopted by a relative of an employee to give them a chance (I wasn't free).
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RIP little
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I'm so sorry

Play happily at the bridge Rosie

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I'm so sorry, Des. You did everything possible for Rosie and her last few months were happy because of you. I'm sorry you had to make such a difficult decision but, ultimately, it was the most compassionate and loving thing you could do. RIP sweet Rosie.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Rosie.
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Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, it really does mean a lot. Cleaning the bathroom was hard last night, I did find 10 kinds of wet food though, and loads of toys, I hadn't realised I had got so much for her!!
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I'm sorry you lost your girl. You did the most you could for her. You're right -- it was wonderful for her to have a home right to the end.
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RIP Rosie Play happily over the bridge.

So sorry for your loss. You gave Rosie a great life while she was with you.
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RIP little one

You did your best and thats the best thing you could have done for her
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