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Snowball Understands English!!!!!!!! (Maybe)

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This is what happened, I had today off from work, and Snowball and I were in the kitchen. After a few minutes, Snowball had one of those bursts of energy that all cats have. He kept trying to jump onto the table which isn't allowed, and each time this happened I said "no" and he didn't jump. But then I noticed that he was trying to hold in all his excess energy too, so I said "go into the hallway if you want to run." As soon as I said that, Snowball immediately went into the hallway and started running. I was totally suprised, because I have never said that to him before, and I didn't use any special voice tone. He just did what he was told to do!!!!
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It sounds like you've got one smart little kitty on your hands!! Pretty soon you might even get him to help you do some house cleaning or even fetch the morning paper for you! LOL!
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Every so often, cats do something like that to throw us off balance and remind us that they, not us, are the superior species
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that is pretty nifty. I think moe and neo read my mind sometimes. If i'm upset neo will stop whatever he is doing and jump up and cuddle with me
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Lorie, I'm pretty sure Snowball understood exactly what you said. I have a similar story about Trent. When we moved to the new place, he decided he wanted to sleep in the living room. One day when we were snuggling, I told him that I really missed him sleeping with me, and I would really like for him to start again. That night, and every night since, he has slept with me again. OK, it could be coincidence, but I like to think it's because I asked him to.
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That;s one smart cat!I think all cat's are smarter than us!
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Mom of 10 Cats, I agree!! This does happen every so often.

Another example from a couple of years ago:

Snowball was playing with one of his balls in the kitchen, and he lost track of it when it rolled under the table. My son said "it's under the table, go get it." Snowball immediately went under the table and found his ball. We were totally surprised that time too!
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Cats are really smart....Merlin knows when I am in a good mood (when he can nip and bite at me and tease me) and when I am sad...(when he can rub his whole body in my face and purr) He also knows what "out?" means...and runs to the door when I say it (unless he isn't in the mood to go out) he knows what "eat" means....and will run to where I keep his food and rub up against the cupboard until I get the food out. This is one smart cat I tell you. A few times when I have missed his signals to go out, he has literally jumped up and wrapped both his paws around the door handle trying to open it himself. (he of course is meowing loudly at this point just in case I don't see him doing it.)
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Lorie? Do you think maybe Snowball can come over and talk with Spike? I wouldn't mind a nice, obediant cat.

Actually, I shouldn't even tease... I should say before I'm jinxed - Spike is a very good, very behaved little guy! He really is! And he does know his fair share of words... his name, treat, brush, upstairs, downstairs, fishing pole, red dot, oliver, kitty-milk... and there are more, but it's 3:30am, and I'm tired. And we're talking about Snowball darnit, not Spike. :tounge2:
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We must bow to the superior species! LOL!

I DO believe they can understand - when they want to! Heidi - I had the same thing happen with Lazlo.

Lorie - that's one amazing cat!
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