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Moving process is under way!

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Well, I have begun moving into my new apartment (I am sadly parting with my little house for financial reasons - too bad, because Murray and I really like it there). Yesterday some friends and I boxed up a bunch of stuff and took some to the new apt. Murray acted confused at first while we were boxing up the stuff. He stared at us, and gave a plaintive meow. Then he hid for a while. But then, he re-emerged, and he seemed to have come to terms with the situation. He lay there in his usual pose, interested but apparently unconcerned. So maybe he figured things out and has accepted it. I hope he adjusts equally well when the movers come on Weds. to move the furniture. I'm going to have to put Murray in his carrier to prevent any possible escape attempts. I can't just close him in the bathroom because he knows how to get the door open - found that out the hard way!

Even though it's a little sad, I'm excited about the move because it will be a lot cheaper to live in the apt., plus it seems like a nice community in a great area (just a few minutes from work). I hope Murray thinks it's nice, too...
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Sounds like both of you will be having a great time exploring your new apt. I'm sure your presence is more important to Murray than the surroundings.
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Good luck with your move! Moving closer to work is a HUGE time saver, money saver too.
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